Catering Your Own Wedding Reception

”I do – …just let me check on the chicken…”

…we’re kidding ;-)

Cost for your wedding reception? The caterer will charge $1,000s, lots of ‘em… But you already know that.

But - "Can we do it?"

“We have soooo much going on with the wedding. How could we do the reception?”

Our Stuffed Shrimp is delicious and easy to make

Start Planning your Wedding Reception.

Answers to Common Questions:
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  • 1. Will I have enough time? Plan with Reception Planner. Most of our recipes are designed to be prepped days in advance, or longer.

  • 2. Even the cake? Wedding Cake - $75 cake feeds 150.

  • 3. I want something really nice. So do we. Check out Elegant Reception. Nice enough?

  • 4. Who will help us? Helpers – read how to find kitchen crew, servers and more, what their jobs will be, and how to find a pro if you need.

  • 5. How will I know what to buy? All of our recipes come with detailed Shopping Lists. Get and idea with Salad Nicoise.

  • 6. The food won’t be good. Our food is great! Read Baked Salmon – it’s good. Really good.

  • 7. But I'm not a great cook. Party Planner FAQ's. "Step by Step Photo Recipes." You can do this. You can.

  • 8. Our kitchen is like suitcase size... Home Kitchen helps you stretch it into shape.

  • 9. Things won’t look “professional.” You’ll be Renting and using the same gear the pros do.

  • 10. My family will be disappointed. Naw – they’ll be too busy helping you!

  • 11. I’ll be a nervous wreck. You’ll be too busy too. And we’ll be here to talk you down, and through.

  • 12. We want a well-stocked bar. Bar & Beverage Planner tells all.

  • 13. What about the ??? – whatever it is, chances are we’ve been there – solved that. Ask Us – it’s free.

    14. $28,000??? It won’t be as cool as my friend’s (that cost $28,000.) Hopefully the $23K you’ll save will be cooler.

    The Wedding Information Site

    Planning Your Wedding with unbeatable resources, ideas and a great Wedding Store!

    Plan and create your Christian wedding!

    This is the Christian Bride's #1 Source on the web for crafty, creative, inexpensive, do-it-yourself wedding ideas!

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    Wedding and anniversary ideas including: traditional & modern gift giving advice, anniversary party planning guidance, toasts, poems and speeches.

    ...keep reading...:

    Let's Get Specific:

    Reception Planner is a totally helpful way to get your wedding reception all together. Go there to get your planning started and see it through. Gotta have a plan – this is it! Loaded with ideas and specifics, Reception Planner will guide you through our site so you can pick the right amounts and kinds of food and drink.

    Start planning soon, weeks and months ahead if you can. Check out Party Helpers, find some friends and family who will be willing to help you prepare and serve. No way will you have time to worry about the food on your Big Day. So don’t – you’ll do your part ahead of time – your crew will do the rest.

    Here’s how it works: “Ahead of time.” That’s the key. Most of our recipes are especially designed to be made ahead of time, days or even weeks. Using our techniques, you and your pals will prepare food ahead, and then serve on the day of your wedding. That's how you'll pull off the wedding reception. Party Helpers will help you choose a special person to pull it all together at the reception, serving the foods you prepared in advance.

    Menu Planning has our suggestions, but most of the party recipes we offer will work nicely, depending on your tastes and needs.

    Drinks on the house? Bar & Beverage Planner will keep your crowd well lubricated, guiding you with amounts to buy and lots of ideas about what to serve.

    Your Wedding Cake is important. Catering your own wedding wouldn’t be complete without some cool ideas for your cake. That’s what Party Recipes and Ideas is all about! We’ve got a simple recipe and procedure for you to follow, and some ideas about ways to have a lovely, affordable Wedding Cake. Check it out.

    We love these decoration ideas:

    Another great idea for a tight budget: Do your own decorations! The Balloon Decoration Guide offers detailed step-by-step instructions and photos on how to create your own balloon decorations and integrate them into your wedding reception decor. A very helpful website.

    Remember – we’re here to help. Contact us about your wedding reception. Ask-a Caterer is free. Oh by the way - Congrats!

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