Vegetable Recipes, Party Friendly
and Easy to Make

Vegetable recipes complete your party food menu

Veggie Recipes add taste, color and flair to your party. Let Party Recipe and Ideas help you plan the veggies that taste and look great, and are easy to make.

Veggies also offer appreciated options to guests. Less expensive than meats and fish, they also keep your costs down.

See what our Broccoli with Cheese Sauce can do for your party

Broccoli with Cheese Sauce
is totally easy to make and serve. The bright colors liven up your buffet table, and it tastes great! This is also the perfect dish to make ahead of time, and is probably our easiest veggie dish to prepare.

Here's a hearty vegetable for your gig - Corn Casserole with Bacon and Onions is ready for the hungry, filled with flavor and color. A hit with the guys, party friendly and easy to make.

Ready for some Garlic Mashed Potatoes? They are yumm yumm - a favorite for our gigs and sure to be for your's too. Creamy and rich, this one's always a hit.

Rice Pilaf adds substance, flavor and color to your party. It's inexpensive, OK to make ahead of time, and just delicious with the fried orzo and fresh veggies.

Seafood Stuffing with shrimp, scallops - great taste made very easy.

Baked Corn Casserole uses John Cope’s Dried Corn - straight from Lancaster County in Southern PA.

Maple Squash - starts with acorn squash, pure maple syrup, and our secret!

Mushy Peas is both pub food and family fare. Caramelize some onions and here’s your new fav!

Traditional Sausage Stuffing stuffs your holiday bird, pork, and more - but also is a side dish that always works!

Break out the comfort food for party central - it's Sweet Potatoes with Pecans to the recipe rescue! This is too good, totally colorful and the kind of taste that keeps your guests hovering over the buffet table.

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