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Laura from Houston, Texas, who asked:

Laura writes: “Our Community Center has set this year’s Valentine party theme as “Love at ANY Age.” We want to serve a variety of party food for 125 or so, for mostly adults. This will be held at the school, but we have to make food at home and bring it there because we cannot use the kitchen. We have 12 people willing to cook and bring food to the school. Can you please supply recipes that will help out? Thank you.”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Laura - This won’t be as difficult as it seems. Here are some great recipes that will help - then read below for more suggestions about how to pull this off smoothly:

Check out our Valentines Recipes on the site:

Hot Spinach Dip - Any of the dips will work nicely and we have over 2 dozen to choose from. Do a few if you like - but this Spinach Dip is excellent.

Olive Bread Bowl - Also a dip but with a nice presentation - do some fun things with presentation, including breads, chips and crackers.

Here are 60+ Appetizer Recipes that are easy to make ahead.

We’ve got some great Snacks and Snack Recipes including Crescent Pizza which is our most popular original snack, inexpensive, easy to make ahead of time, very good, fun to make with lots of options!

Bruschetta - We like this one because it’s so attractive, a nice statement of beauty for your dining room.

Spinach Quiche . Quiche is good food - make more of them if you need a longer party.

No matter what hot foods you serve, you might just want to use a Food Warmer or two to keep your hot foods hot. You can also have them set up to keep cold foods cold. Read all about how they work and where to get them.

Find dozens of Chocolate Desserts .

Orange Chicken - Need a dinner entree? This chicken procedure is easy to do, and a real crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake - We like to serve pieces of chocolate, or choocolate candies, along with this delicious cake.

We think these ideas will help you. Take some time to lay out the steps so that you can be working on them all together - mostly the day before. Good Luck!

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