Grilled Tuna Recipe with
Fresh Pineapple Salsa

So elegant, with a wonderful taste and appeal.

Appetizer recipe tuna sashimi pineapple salsa

Our tuna recipe feature’s of America’s new favorite fresh fish. Add the fresh pineapple salsa, this appetizer recipe adds a real touch of class to your party. 

Seared tuna is offered in bite sized pieces along with a delicious, pineapple salsa, garnished with fresh pineapple. 

Very easy to make up to two days before, this is a simple dish to prepare and much appreciated – very pretty and enjoyed.

Appetizer recipe tuna sashimi pineapple salsa
You’ll be cooking the tuna on the stove in a very hot pan, and then quickly cooling it in the fridge. Each piece will get a small toothpick and served along side the salsa.

Appetizer recipe tuna sashimi pineapple salsa

Good quality, fresh tuna can be more expensive than other appetizers, but it can be bought on sale and frozen for months ahead of time.

Portion/Servings: This recipe will feed 50 people as an appetizer if you are serving at least 1 other appetizer. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan the right amounts.

Tuna Sashimi with Pineapple Salsa Recipe Shopping List
for 50 People:

___3-4 pounds of fresh tuna cut into 1” steaks

TIP: If you can, buy tuna steaks that have been individually wrapped and frozen. If buying fresh tuna steaks, wrap them very tightly in film before freezing or refrigerating. Larger pieces of tuna should be cut into 1” thick steaks just before cooking. Remember, fresh tuna should be odor-free.

___salt, pepper, powdered garlic

___sesame seeds – small container

___2 fresh ripe pineapples – choose pretty ones

___1 8oz bottle of orange marmalade – cheap brand (e.g. store brand is fine)

___1 small bottle of soy sauce – regular, not lite

___Hot Sauce – just a splash - we like Frank's

___4 large fresh tomatoes – firm, under-ripe is fine

___1 small green bell pepper

___1 lemon

___Coconut Oil/Fat – small amount; available at most health food stores

You won't need a lot of coconut oil - just about the same amount that you'd use when frying anything, so don't buy a big jug.

Coconut oil is a saturated fat, similar to butter. When it's cool, it is a white paste - warm it up and it's a clear liquid.

With a low 350° smoke point, it will begin to burn with much less heat than something like vegetable oil. Run the vent fan and open your kitchen window!

Expensive and a little inconvenient yes - but coconut oil does add a flavor like none other.

Up to two days before your party:

Arrange the fresh tuna steaks on a large plate or cookie pan covered with waxed paper first.

Generously season the tuna with salt, pepper and powdered garlic, putting twice as much as you would normally add to steak – lots & lots.

TIP: The secret here is to superheat the pan, empty with nothing in it. It will take several minutes to get hot enough.

Cover one side of each steak with as much sesame seeds as they will hold – you want the seeds to be sticking to that side. Push them in with your hand if you need. Flip the steak over and do the same to the other side. Put the steaks into the refrigerator.

Use a thick-bottom frying pan, big or small, doesn’t matter – just as long as it’s thick.

Put the frying pan on your stove top – high heat, empty and leave for at least three minutes. Move the tuna from the refrigerator next to the stove. Carefully add more than enough coconut oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Use regular vegetable oil if you don’t have coconut. The oil will begin to smoke almost immediately, because it’s so hot. Immediately and very carefully add the tuna to the super-hot oil.

TIP: Using a small pan? No problem. You can make one steak at a time. Just scrape out any leftover sesame seeds, heat up the pan very hot, add more oil and start again.

Using tongs, not a fork, flip each steak just once, 75 seconds on each side.

TIP: The tuna will be cooked and spicy on the outside and raw on the inside. That’s the way it’s supposed to be – completely safe and delicious.

Count out the 75 seconds, flip, 75 more, remove from the pan and place on another plate putting back into the fridge right away.

TIP: Important here is to keep the tuna cold before and after partial cooking. Go from refrigerator to pan to refrigerator, especially if you’re cooking one steak at a time.

After the tuna has refrigerated for at least one hour, wrap each steak in film and store in the coldest part of your fridge.

At least two days before the party:

Carefully cut the green tops off of the two pineapples and save them for garnishing.

TIP: Take a plate and pour in some water, then stand the pineapple tops in the water on the plate, keeping cold until ready to garnish.

Cut the skin from the sides & top of the pineapple. Be sure to cut out and remove all the dark skin. Lay the “peeled” on its side and cut ¼” slices. Save eight nice-looking slices for garnishing. Keep the eight slices together, wrap tightly in film and refrigerate. Cut the rest of the pineapple into small pieces – about ¼” square or so.

While working with the pineapple, collect the juice that comes as a result of cutting and save it for the salsa.

In a large bowl combine the 8oz of orange marmalade, all the chopped pineapple, all the pineapple juice you have collected, ¼ teaspoon salt, the juice of ½ lemon and 1/8 teaspoon of hot sauce.

Mix well, but don’t crush up the pineapple. Cover the salsa with film and refrigerate for at least 24 hours.

TIP: Pour the salsa into a large zip lock bag, push out all the air and seal, store in your refrigerator for several days, up to one week.

The day of the party:

Cut up the tomatoes into 3/8” square pieces.

Remove stem & seeds from the green pepper and cut into small 1/8” cubes.

TIP: You can add some very finely chopped onion too. It adds a savory twist to the salsa.

Add the chopped vegetables to the fruit salsa and continue to refrigerate.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

We suggest to pass this appetizer, but it can go on a platter at your buffet table. Arrange paper doilies or some lettuce leaves on trays or platter, positioning a small bowl in the center for the salsa.

Carefully cut the tuna steaks into pieces that are ½” square. This means that each piece will have two cooked sides with the rare raw tuna in the middle.

TIP: Put the tuna steaks in the freezer for about 45 minutes, just before cutting. This firms them up and makes them easier to cut.

TIP: Use a really, really sharp knife – or, get a small utility knife from a hardware store, or use a single-edge razor blade.

Put some frilled toothpicks near the tuna on your platter.

Cut the remaining sliced pineapple into wedges and decorate the platter. You can use the pineapple tops to decorate your buffet table. (Don’t be afraid to cut the leaves in half or take them apart. Be creative!)


Using the fresh sliced pineapple and pineapple leaves, this should be a pretty presentation, especially with the attractive salsa in the middle.

Don’t be afraid to add more pineapple if needed.

Sushi enthusiasts may want to splash a little soy sauce on this wonderful sashimi. We always had a bottle of soy sauce near the tuna, so that everyone gets what they want.


We suggest not keeping leftover tuna sashimi, and we've never had to think about it. We bet you won't either!

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