Super Bowl Snacks, Simple and Good?
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Ed from Chicago, Illinois who asked:

Ed writes: “My friends think that I know how to cook, maybe because I have a nice kitchen. Haha! So the Super Bowl party is here at my place, and now I need some help with simple good snacks I can make for the game.“

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Ed - Hey we bet you cook better than you think! And we’re here to help!

Check out our SuperBowl Party Recipes on the site:

Super Bowl Recipes has several ideas that will can be made ahead easily. The Tuna Slices is a very cool treat that adds elegant fun to your party. This is one of over 60 Appetizer Recipes we have for you, most of them are made the day before.

Here is a Nachos Recipe , in the Snacks section. We’ve got a neat trick for the cheese sauce - adds lots of flavor.

This is another snack that works out well every time - Crescent Pizza , in the Snacks section, uses crescent roll dough from your store’s refrigerator section. It’s really good!, and very different.

Ham Slices is a completely easy way to do ham, so simple you won’t believe it. You can serve it as a snack, or a dinner.

We’ve got lots of Chocolate Desserts for you. And for something simple, give our Apple Crisp Recipe a try. Here you’ll have the a wonderful aroma and taste they won’t soon forget.

All of these recipes are do-aheads, really simple. They will think that you really know how to cook. And guess what Ed - you do!

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