Super Bowl Party Recipes
for 12, 25, 50 and more!

Whoever said “it’s only a game...” just doesn’t get it!

From tailgates to living rooms - SuperBowl is here and so are great party food ideas for you.

We’ll take our goal line stand with these three winners we know you’ll love.

Best of all - they can all be made ahead of time! They can all be quickly served and even be held for serving later if needed. Enjoy the game!

This Tuna is one of our great Snacks and Appetizers

Here is our Complete List of Appetizers

We're hoping to give you lots more time to enjoy the game. The Potato Skins can be all prepped up, siting the fridge, waiting for a microwave blast at the 2 minute warning. The Tuna Slices can be completely made, plated and kept cold - served in less than a 30 second commercial. And the Kielbasa Wraps - you'll need a few halftime minutes to get these on the coffee table, but not a lot.

For all of these, not to worry about getting a "Too Much Time" penalty!

And too, don't forget to have some of the classics - chips and dips, pretzels, and cheese. Fattier foods suck up alcohol, which makes for a mellower crowd - you don't want the losers crying in their beer...

BBQ Sausage Potato Skins - with Sour Cream and Cheddar Cheese baked right in.

Tuna Slices, hot saute with just the right seasoning - elegant and excellent!

Kielbasa Bacon Wraps - smokey rich flavor - served with cheese sauce.

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