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Erin from Brooklyn, New York who asked:

Erin writes: ”What is good for Super Bowl parties? This will be my first one. My boyfriend says to have “guy stuff”. Help!”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Erin - “Guy stuff” huh? No problem - here you go:

Start with our SuperBowl Party Recipes on the site:

Super Bowl Recipes has several ideas that will can be made ahead easily.

The BBQ Potato Skins are new with a great taste. This is one of over 60 Appetizer Recipes we have for you, most of them are made the day before.

Here are Nachos , in the Snacks section. Everyone loves them. Who doesn’t like nachos?

This is another snack that works out well every time - Crescent Pizza , in the Snacks section, uses crescent roll dough from your store’s refrigerator section. It’s really good!, and very different.

Orange Chicken is always a surprise. As a snack or a meal, there’s no way to get around the color, taste and quality.

We’ve got lots of chocolate desserts for you. Give our Apple Crisp a try. This is a wonderful, homemade, apple pie taste, sure to please.

Meat, cheese, maybe something spicy - that's the ticket for these guys - well most guys actually.

We stay away from burgers and bbq chicken for gigs like this. What works best are foods you can hold with one hand and finish in a bite or two. Save the 'dinner' foods for after the game. Loser buys...!

Maybe he’s thinking about a Viking feast, men sitting at a long table, drinking grog, meat everywhere, throwing empty bones over their shoulders... Not sure about that - but guys we know love our food. We think yours will too! Enjoy the game.

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