Super Bowl Party Ideas?
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Myra from San Bernardino, California who asked:

Myra writes: “I need some Super Bowl party ideas for the food. I enjoy cooking and I cook every day. But I’m stuck for new ideas. I want something new and not like I see everywhere else. We have 20 guests here again this year, the same who came last time. What ideas do you have?“

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Myra - We hear you! But not to worry - we’re different, that’s for sure.

Start with our SuperBowl Party Recipes on the site:

Super Bowl Recipes has several ideas that will can be made ahead easily. The BBQ Potato Skins are new with a very different taste.

This is one of over 60 Appetizer Recipes we have for you, most of them are made the day before.

Here are Lobster Roll Snacks , in the Snacks section. Thinking outside the box, no doubt. Truly memorable!

This is another snack that works out well every time - Crescent Pizza , in the Snacks section, uses crescent roll dough from your store’s refrigerator section. It’s really good!, and very different.

Orange Chicken is always a surprise. As a snack or a meal, there’s no way to get around the color, taste and quality.

We’ve got lots of chocolate desserts for you. And for something original, give our White Chocolate Smores a try. We know no one has this, because we own it from the beginning. Enjoy!

All of these recipes are a little 'out there,' atypical for sure, and all really good. We like “different” too - as long as they taste great!

We suggest having one or two of your old favorites, and then add a few new ones each year - keeps it interesting - and you need to keep your creative grist grinding. Right?

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