Super Bowl Party Food?
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Suzi from Toledo, Ohio, who asked:

Suzi writes: “We have a big Super Bowl thing planned this time with around 35 to 50 people coming. We need a lot of party food and more because some people are staying for a while. We’ll need lots of food. Thanks for help.“

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Suzi - Shouldn’t be a problem - we’ve got ideas for you!

Here’s a bit of info from our site about portioning:

Appetizer Menu?: Serving Snacks, Appetizers, Desserts - but not Dinner: 
Plan for 6-8 bites per person, per hour, less after each hour.

Dinner Menu?:Snacks, Appetizers, Dinners, Salads, Vegetables, Desserts: Plan for 1.5 pounds of food per person.

All this said, there’s a lot of factors that will change these numbers, such as how you’re serving the meal (buffet, family-style, etc.,) the age of your guests, time of meal, length of meal, serving alcohol?, etc.  But these are general guidelines that will help you plan.

OK Suzi, start with our SuperBowl Party Recipes on the site:

Super Bowl Recipes has several ideas that will can be made ahead easily. The BBQ Potato Skins are new with a unique, BBQ taste.

This is one of over 60 Appetizer Recipes we have for you, most of them are made the day before.

We use French bread baguettes for Ham & Boursin Snacks , in the Snacks section, but you can carry on with other ideas - this is a good way to start.

This is another snack that works out well every time - Crescent Pizza , in the Snacks section, uses crescent roll dough from your store’s refrigerator section. It’s really good!

Orange Chicken is always a surprise. As a snack or a meal, there’s no way to get around the color, taste and quality.

Chicken Divan , baked with mushrooms and broccoli, is a great choice for an easy, make ahead dinner. You have all built the day before and warm up as needed - or freeze for another time.

We’ve got lots of chocolate desserts for you. And for something original, give our Chocolate Shortbread a try. You’ll be dipping the homemade shortbread into melted chocolate, so you add fruits and more.

You can do quite a bit with these ideas, and more in our recipe sections. The idea is not only to have enough food, but also to spend lots of time with your family and friends. Do this by planning recipes you can build the day before, then serve the day of - which most of ours are!

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