Stuffed Salmon
with Mushroom Bread Stuffing

A Family Party Favorite for You and Yours

Most of our party food ideas are easy to make, do ahead of time, no muss no fuss... Stuffed Salmon isn’t one of them.

In fact, we have yet to serve it for a large function. What we do is make this as a table centerpiece - the real deal - and then serve baked salmon as individual entrees.

But the whole stuffed salmon is the star of the show, the best by far - and so we offer it to you for your party of twelve.

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This recipe will feed 12 people. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Stuffed Salmon Recipe Shopping List
for 12 People:

___ 1 - 10 pound salmon, gutted with head on, fresh

___ 3 medium onions

___ 3 pounds fresh mushrooms

___ 1 loaf good quality bread

___ Minor’s Mushroom Base, or veggie stock

___ Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

___ Lemon for garnish


One Day Before the Party:

Catch your fish! We went fishing at our local Shaw’s in Merrimack New Hampshire. Thanks to Shirley for years of professional service! What a great pal she has been to us.

This Atlantic Salmon is nearly 14 pounds and over 30 inches long - and it didn’t get away!

The Day of the Party:

Wonderful stuffing begins with onions. We like the sweeter ones.

We like to slice the mushrooms so that guests can see that “mushroom” shape - takes a little longer to do it this way, but your eyes eat first.

We save bread, rolls, crackers - spread it out to dry up a little, then cut or process down to pieces. Nothing against pre-cubed, seasoned stuffing products - except that it’s too expensive for us. We’re really cheap!

Minor’s Mushroom Base is an excellent product. Start with a heaping tablespoon and add more as needed. Here’s info about Bases:

Cooking Bases

We use ‘meat-first’ bases for cooking. Bases are highly concentrated food reductions which often resemble a paste, and are usually sold in one pound containers. Each pound of base will make approx 4 gallons of stock, so you typically use a small amount.

Bases are not bullion cubes, or a highly salt/sodium flavor additive. They are true food. Chicken base, for example, is the end result of cooking down chickens. The first ingredient of chicken base is “chicken,” which is why we call them ‘meat-first’ bases. Several bases are also available as reduced sodium.

Use bases as a way to make stock, or add them directly to foods. Bases add rich depth of flavor to nearly any savory dish. Here is a collection of Recipes for Cooking with Bases. This is the real professional insider stuff - it’s how restaurants and caterer’s do their magic.

These products are available from
We use Amazon because of their wonderful customer service and excellent pricing:

There are many ‘meat-first’ bases available in addition to Chicken, Vegetable and Beef. Pork, Ham, Seafood, Turkey, Bacon, Mushroom, Lobster, Clam and several more are easy to find, including other brands such as Knorr, Vogue, McCormick, etc. We like Minor.

If you want more options about bases, go to They are the supplier for Amazon, and have a huge variety of other products. And, if you are ordering several bases to have in your fridge, they will give you a much better deal on shipping.

Bases give foods that “professional, “restaurant-quality” edge. Once you start cooking with bases, you won’t ever go back. They provide excellent flavor profiles without excessive sodium. We have several in the fridge at home which we use for everyday cooking; they last for months when refrigerated.

Fry the onions and mushrooms in a bit of oil. If you’re using the Base, don’t use any seasoning - the Base has enough.

Mix it all together. Add water if you’re using Base, or Veggie Stock if not. How much liquid?

“Drippy but not Runny.” This is the standard we use. Exactly how much water depends on the bread, etc. But to get it right - we mix it all together and let it stand for a few minutes so the bread will absorb some of the liquid. The, pick up a handful of the mixture but don’t squeeze it. A little liquid should drip out, but not much. Drippy but not runny - that’s how we do it.

Cover your baking pan with aluminum foil and give it all a generous spray with veggie oil spray.

Wash the fish very well with cold water, then season the inside of the cavity with salt, pepper, garlic, and other seasonings you like.

Stuff the fish to overflowing. Let the stuffing drift out onto your pan. Bake any additional stuffing in another pan at 375°f for 45 minutes, covered.

Use your Thermometer to get up to 150-155°f - Some might say that’s overcooked, but we like to get it a little higher with this one. Based on the size of your fish, it might take an hour or two. Check every 15 minutes after the first 45.

Out it comes in all it’s glory! It needs to rest for at least 30 minutes before cutting.

Serve this however you like. Cutting across in steaks is one way, or lengthwise to make filets. Watch for bones.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

You can platter the whole fish on greens and serve at the table, or portion into pieces and serve finished plates.

Fresh, wonderful flavor - and a Dinner Party to remember!


Wrap tightly with film and refrigerate or freeze.

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