Save Money - (like 75%!)
When You Do Your Own Catering

…and do a great job you’ll be proud of!

Why do your own catering? To save money.

Unless you’re serving Beluga caviar, what costs $50, $75 or $100+ per person? Call around for prices and you'll see what we mean. We’re not saying it’s not worth it, we’re saying lots of people just don’t have it.

Our Chicken Wings - good, easy and not expensive

How to Save 75%:

(The secret is planning)

  • Plan: Party Planner is where you begin. Follow our methods and do “buffet style” (where you put out dishes of food and guests serve themselves.) This way you slash the labor costs that come with a “sit down meal.”

  • Location: Are you working from your Home Kitchen, or are you travelling to use a Party Kitchen?, or some of both? Save with good menu planning, cost-cutting Transportation, and proper Food Safety.

  • Menu: Go to Sample Menus to find specific ideas and suggestions. We've got some intentionally inexpensive menus to save money. "The savings are in the menu." Also, reduce your labor costs, then pick the menu you really want.

  • Shop: Start with the Snacks and then go to Appetizers to see how our recipes and procedures work. Read through our step by step photo recipe instructions, take a look at our Shopping Lists to plan what you'll need. Shop smart with Shopping Tips and save lots more.

  • Rent: Don’t buy. Renting will illustrate lots of ways to cut your costs and still have the type of gear you’ll need - same stuff the pros use.

  • Helpers: Family, friends, culinary students, local youth groups, etc. all cut your labor costs. Kitchen Crew shows you how many people you will need and what you’ll ask them to do. We’ll also show you how to locate an experienced person you can hire, if you want.

  • Leftovers: Each of our recipes includes a section about leftovers. Most wouldn’t think of it, but carefully portioning and packaging your leftovers in zip-lock bags, and freezing them for your own use later on will save you a bundle of money. Guess what professional caterers do with leftovers? (They serve the food you paid for to someone else, or keep it for themselves.)

  • Ask: And - ask us. We’ll help. Use the “Ask a Caterer” form of the bottom of this page. It's free.

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