Bacon Kielbasa Sausage Recipes with easy Cheese Sauce

So good, easy to make, the guys love this one!

appetizer recipe bacon kielbasa wrap

Hearty and meaty, this bacon kielbasa sausage recipes sauce hits the mark for your hungry guests, especially the guys. Sausage, bacon and cheese is the winning combination of these delicious wraps, presented bite-size and easy to eat.

A familiar food at football parties, these wraps will make the guys feel right at home. Inexpensive too, which means that you can make a lot of them and fill up your guests with something they like.

Using kielbasa or a spicier sausage if your guests would prefer, you’ll be carefully wrapping bacon around each piece, then baking in an oven. You can use a microwave to rewarm them and the cheese sauce just prior to serving. Easy and delicious, the work is done ahead of time.

Portion/Servings: This recipe will feed 50 people as an appetizer, if you are you are serving at least 1 other appetizer. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan the right amounts.

Bacon Kielbasa Recipe Shopping List for 50 People:

___8 pounds of kielbasa. There are many kinds of kielbasa and sausage products. Choose the flavor and spice you think would best work with your guests and the bacon kielbasa recipe.

TIP: We suggest buying a fully cooked meat product, which are available at most grocery stores. You loose a little taste, but gain lots of convenience and time.

___3-4 pounds of bacon. Get a thinner cut. Bacon is available with flavors added, we use regular old bacon, uncooked.

___48 ounces of cheese sauce, such as Cheese Whiz; we use “plain” or “original” cheese sauce,
or mild nacho.

TIP: Shopping clubs often sell premade cheese
sauce in # 10 cans, which are 106 ounces each.

___1 box of frilled toothpicks, 150 toothpicks
or so

___2-3 heads of romaine lettuce

___1 small can of vegetable spray.


One day before (or the day of) the party:

Cut the kielbasa into ¾ “pieces like very thick coins. Don’t make them thicker, because they get too hard to manage when eating. Refrigerate the cut kielbasa and begin cutting bacon.

You’ll need to experiment with the bacon to determine how long each piece should be, which depends on how big around the kielbasa is.

We usually use one half piece of bacon per ‘coin’, wrapping it tightly around kielbasa bacon wrap.

The bacon should overlap itself, but not go completely around more than once.

If you're serving this tomorrow, wrap all kielbasa coins with bacon, store in zip lock bags and refrigerate. Or, carry on to serve now.

The day of the Party:

Set up your pan, covering a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Spray the foil with vegetable oil or rub some on. Begin arranging the wrapped kielbasas on the foil, with the overalapped bacon facing up, you don’t want the bacon to unwrap while it’s baking and we don’t want to use toothpicks yet.

TIP: You can experiment with this appetizer, baking off a couple on a small piece of foil. This will help you see how to place the kielbasas on the foil to avoid unwrapping and determine the best baking time.

Preheat your oven to 400^F. Bake the kielbasa until the bacon is cooked, about 12-15 minutes. The bacon should be crispy and bubbling. You should also smell a wonderful bacon smell! Prepare to defend your appetizer from would-be samplers!!

You can serve them immediately, or cool them and serve the next day. They can be warmed up in an oven or in the microwave. Rewarming in an oven?: leave the kielbasas on the baking sheets you just used, cover them with film and foil and refrigerate. Rewarming them with a microwave or serving them in a chafing dish, then pack them into zip lock bags, seal and refrigerate.

Cheese Sauce:

This is just so simple, it’s almost embarrassing…. But it works! And people love it. Take your premade cheese sauce and heat it above, not in water, using a double-boiler. You can also heat the sauce in a microwave. Add hot water to thin the sauce, just enough to make it easy for your guests to use as a dip. As the sauce cools, you will want to add more hot water throughout the party. Restaurants put a can or jar of sauce into hot water, careful not to spill water into the cheese sauce itself. Usually in a half hour or so, the sauce is melted and warm.

TIP: Add a splash of hot sauce directly to the cheese sauce.

Cook/heat kielbasa:

Heat the kielbasa wraps in the oven or microwave. Place the kielbasas in a chafing dish to keep them warm or serve immediately on a decorated platter.

If this is a dish to pass, cover your serving platter with romaine lettuce leaves, put a bowl for the cheese sauce in the middle and surround with the cooked kielbasas. Be sure to put a frilled toothpick into each one for easy dipping.

If you are serving the bacon kielbasa in a serving dish, add frilled toothpick into each one inside of dish. Position a small bowl into the chafing dish for the cheese sauce and surround with the warmed kielbasas.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First


The contrast of the green romaine lettuce, yellow of the sauce and reds of the meats is an appealing combination. No further garnishing should be needed. However, you will want to assign someone to keep an eye on the cheese sauce and lift out any small pieces of bacon that got stuck in/on it.


We doubt you’ll have any. But if you do, they can be refrigerated and served for a day or two or they can be frozen for later.

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