Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe - Oh My...

This is an easy one, but rich and nice. Add nuts if you like.

Finding a rich cake that you can easily make is not easy. Try this spin, starting with your favorite mix.

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Portions/Servings This recipe will feed 12 people.
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1 (18.25 ounce) package chocolate cake mix
3 eggs
1/2 cup butter
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
4 cups confectioners' sugar
4 ounces cream cheese
4 ounces of sour cream


Preheat oven to 350°. Spray the inside of a 9” x 13” pan with vegetable release. For easy removal, dust the pan with cocoa, so that it sticks to the veggie spray. Shake out the excess.

Mix up the cake mix and all the ingredients except the chips. Get everything smooth and well blended.

In another bowl, toss the chocolate chips with some flour, so that the flour coats the chips. Carefully fold the floured chips into the batter. Don’t overstir.

Bake for 30 minutes or more, looking for a nice crown in the middle which feels firm to your touch.

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