Recipes for Christmas Dinner
for 12, 25, 50 and more!

Wonderful Holiday Ideas for Family and Guests

Our Recipes for Christmas Dinner are all make-ahead. No more Christmas in the kitchen!

Family of two, or twenty-two? We’ve got the party food ideas for holidays large and small.

So what would you like for Christmas this year? How about some time?

This year try our individual Beef Wellingtons

Here is our Complete List of Appetizers

Maybe more than any other holiday, Christmas seems to gobble up our time with shopping, gift-wrapping and those Christmas Eve's consumed by the three words parents dread most: "Some Assembly Required..."

So - we have chosen recipes that are easy to prep ahead, some even days ahead. Even for those of us who love to cook, this is one holiday better spent in the living room, not the cooking room!

We have lots of other Appetizers for you to see, but these make-ahead choices are sure to please.

Christmas Appetizer Recipes

Cheesy Meatballs use spicy beef wrapped around cheddar cheese.

Easy Shrimp Scampi wraps pasta around each shrimp and marinates in garlic rich sauce.

Holiday Quiche, brilliant with red bell pepper and fresh spinach - beautiful and outstanding.

Recipes for Christmas Dinner

If you are going to be serving dinner at a specific time, (like 2:30pm for sure,) then the Individual Wellingtons will work fine, because you can't hold them for very long. They wouldn't work as well on a buffet, for example. But, if you are doing a buffet, or if guests will be eating over an unpredictable amount of time, go with the Trout or Holiday Ham. Many other Entree Ideas hold well for a more casual party or buffet.

Individual Wellingtons start with Beef Tenderloin, then fine pate, wrapped with decorated pastry.

Paprika Trout is Mama’s recipe from central Europe - paprika, butter and holiday love.

Holiday Ham - Once and for all - here’s how to do ham, for dinner or for 1,000!

Holiday Desserts

See oodles more Desserts we have for you - but Santa will "Ho-Ho" extra loud when you serve him the Chocolate Pecan Pie.

Chocolate Pecan Pie uses a very easy, make ahead recipe we think you’ll use from now on.

White Chocolate Cookie Cake - kinda says it all, don’t you think? Another embarrassingly easy triumph.

Eclair Casserole Dessert with or without chocolate is so fun, make ahead and attack with spoon in hand!

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