Pumpkin Cake Recipe
Very Easy and Fast

When you need a good cake - FAST - this is it!:

Great chocolate cakes, especially combined with a pumpkin cake recipe, are certainly out there - but you can expect to spend the better part of your day assembling ingredients, stirring and baking.

Pro caterers don’t do too much of that - we like fast, as long as the quality is there.

Try this trick we use. It works with pumpkin and many other products, like applesauce, squash, pie fillings, and much more.

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This recipe will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts

Pumpkin Cake Recipe Recipe Shopping List
for 12 People:

___1 - Chocolate Cake Recipe - we like Dunkin Heinz

___1 - can pumpkin

___1 pack icing

___1 - 3oz bar of dark chocolate


The Day Before the Party:

Make this cake the day before your party - just no snacking!

Start with your favorite box chocolate cake mix. Mash up the pumpkin, and add it to the mix, along with the other ingredients (milk/water/oil.) You may want to use a little less liquid than normal - helps if you know the mix you’re using (to get the right consistency.) With Dunkin Heinz - we use about 15% less water.

Bake the cake as usual. Follow the box directions for pan size, temperature and time baking. Remove from the oven, allow to cool and place on a serving platter, ready to apply frosting.

Ice the cake, then cover with shreds of dark chocolate you cut with a vegetable grater.

TIP: We never fill a pan of any size more than 60% full with batter. And, when using a heavier filling, add a little baking powder for some added puff.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

The pumpkin and chocolate work so nicely together. You’ll love it.

The possibilities with this procedure are endless. For example, if you add strawberry pie filing, then you can also add a little strawberry extract to the cake, frosting or both. Look in the spice aisle of your favorite store to see what they have for you.

White chocolate also adds a nice touch to these cakes, grating/shredding it on the same way as above.

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