Professional Planning Service
for Your Event - $99 Complete!

Together we’ll plan it out and see you through

Want a party partner? Use this great service. One of our professional caterers will work the event with you, from soup to nuts!

We start with good communication – email and phone support. Tell us about your event, what it’s about, your budget, what you’d like.

We’ll work with you to plan the right menu for you and stay with you, providing personalized ideas and recommendations about shopping, preparation, cooking, and more.

Our Planning Service costs just $99
Here’s what you get:

  • A Catering Professional. One food service experienced caterer assigned to you from start to finish.

  • No Size Limit. Dinner for 12 or Wedding Reception for 500, same deal, good for 6 months.

  • Personalized Menu Design. After hearing from you, we’ll plan, discuss it with you and find the menu you like.

  • Customized Shopping Lists. This includes our suggestions about where to shop for food and supplies.

  • Guidance Galore. If it’s about your party, we’ll help you plan what you need to buy, borrow or rent.

  • Step by Step Photo Recipes. Follow the recipes on our site, with our personalized recommendations about prep and cooking.

  • Unlimited Email Support. Ask whatever you need about your party.

  • Sixty Minutes of Phone Support. Call us with questions about shopping, cooking, renting, your crew, and more. No limit on number of calls.

  • Baker’s Dozen Promise. You have our commitment to over-deliver, help you in any way we can, and satisfy your needs.

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