Crescent Pizza Recipes

A new old pizza recipes favorite

This is another embarrassingly easy but outrageously good recipe – kind of like that wonderful sauce you get by mixing catsup and grape jelly.

People think that we chef-types stand for hours in the kitchen to make things taste great (and sometimes we do!) But really good chefs know how to keep things simple.

OK, so you remember those crescent dinner rolls that Aunt Bee always serves for special family dinner? Check it out: Use that dinner roll dough as a base for pizza, add some great cheeses and the toppings you like... and oh man - pizza reborn. Just wait ‘till you try it.

Another great feature with this procedure is the fact that the crescent roll dough is rich and moist, so you can reheat this snack a few times during your party and keep that “just out of the oven” flavor going on.

Best of all - you can do most of the work the day before.

Parents FYI: When it’s not party time and you want to have a meal you can make with your kids, this is a wonderful dinner because they can really get involved and have some family fun.


This recipe will feed 50 people, if you are you are serving other snacks, and/or appetizers, dinners, etc. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Shopping List for 50 People:

___6 – 8 ounce packages of crescent roll dough. Brand doesn't matter.

___ 1 lb. of your favorite pizza cheese, shredded. E-mail us for suggestions about using fresh mozzarella, etc.

___ Small amount of salt, pepper and granulated garlic

___ 3lbs. total of your favorite toppings. We use black olives, prosciutto ham, Italian medium spicy sausage, diced fresh tomatoes marinated in olive oil and chopped basil, and, thin sliced Vidalia onions. But the possibilities are endless. The weight for everything, once it’s cleaned, prepared and ready to use should equal 3 lbs. altogether.


On the Day of the Party (or the day before):

Prep up your ingredients first, just like pizza. Wash, peel, unwrap, chop – do what you need to do. Cover your toppings and set aside.

Next take two aluminum half pans, or two large cookie sheets. (Get a couple half pans - they have a "sandwich of air" which reduces burning.) The size we're looking for is approximately 12” by 18”.

Use the right Pan.

Cover both sheets completely with aluminum foil. Spray the foil with vegetable oil food spray - very well – use about twice as much oil as you normally would.

Sprinkle salt, pepper and granulated garlic onto the foil of your empty pan.

Pretend that there’s food on it and use about the same amount of seasoning as you normally would. Set aside.

Keep the crescent roll dough in the refrigerator until ready to use, and then take out one at a time. Colder is better.

Carefully open the containers and spread out the dough, trying not to pull it apart at the seams. It should unroll nicely if you take some time with it.

The dough been pre-cut into long triangles to make those famous shaped rolls. But you can carefully open the dough without separating it, and it’s easier to do when the dough is colder.

Lay the dough in the prepared pan.

There’s no need to push the dough up onto the sides of the pan- just to the edge of the pan is fine.

As you transfer the dough to your pan, it may come apart at the pre cut seams. Not to worry.

Carry on and cover the entire pan with the dough.

Here's it really important to use the correct pan. The Half Sheet pan we recommend has a built in air space, sandwiched into the pan's bottom.

This makes for consistant, near-perfect results for this recipes and lots more.

Once you use a proper Half Pan, you'll never settle for less for baking of any kind. Imagine never buring cookies again!

Push the seams of the dough into each other, not on top of each other – no overlapping. Gently pressure the edges of the dough together so that all the seams are sealed. This does not have to be a perfect job because the dough will expand during cooking and seal itself. But you don’t want the cheese to drip through and burn on the bottom of the pan.

Continue until both pans are covered with the crescent roll dough.

Tip: Working ahead? Need to finish this later? At this point, you can cover both pans of dough with film and cover your toppings, then refrigerate everything for a while, or maybe overnight. This way you could have all the prep work done, then do the final assembly on the day of your party. Be sure to press the film right down onto the surface of the dough to keep it fresh.

Now add your cheese to cover the dough, just like normal pizza. Continue on with your toppings.

Tip: Unless you know what your guests prefer to eat, follow our lead and separate your toppings so that people can take what they like. For large parties, consider having just one topping on each pan of crescent dough.

Tip: After you’ve assembled everything, cover the uncooked pizza with film and let it stand out at room temperature for fifteen minutes. This technique will equalize the temperatures of the different toppings and dough. It also allows the dough to rise slightly. Use this technique when you make normal pizza too.

Into your pre-heated, 375° oven, place the pans of pizza on the oven's center rack, for eighteen minutes. Rotate the pans halfway through if you have to use the lower rack also.

Tip: If you can, try to have this pizza baking in the oven as your guests arrive. The aroma of the baking crescent roll dough is just wonderful – everyone’s nose perks up when this one’s in the oven!

This pizza is beautiful when it’s cooked. The cheese melts nicely and evenly, and the roll dough has that beautiful golden brown color. Look carefully at the photo just below – we’ve turned one piece upside down so you can see the baked dough. Golden brown perfect. This is so good!

Check out the photo on the right - Here are three cut pieces right out of the oven. The piece on the left is upside-down so you can see how well the roll dough bakes.

Serving Ideas

Serve this warm – it's best right out of the oven when the dough is still hot. But, parties don't always go so predictibly... So here's what we do:

When serving one entire sheet pan at a time, put a large cutting board underneath - that's the same size as the pizza. Carefully slide the pizza off from the aluminum foil right onto your cutting board. This is why you used extra vegetable spray. It should slide off like Bode Miller down the slopes.

Now run your pizza cutter back and forth, making pieces that are around 1" square.

Leave the whole pizza right on the cutting board, and serve the entire board immediately with forks or frilled toothpicks.

If you’re not serving an entire pan at one time, go ahead and cut the pieces as we described, and put several pieces on a microwave safe plate. Keep an eye on what you’ve served.

You can rewarm the pizzas that have cooled down by giving them a quick shot in the microwave, 30 seconds on high. Or you can zap them just before they leave the kitchen, on the same plate that you’re using to serve.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

The pizza pieces will be as colorful as the toppings that you chose. The only garnish we might suggest would be a large clump of parsley in the middle of a serving platter with the pizza pieces arranged – but we usually served this snack on its own.


Leftovers?, of Crescent Pizza?? We don’t think so, but if you do, they will keep store just fine, wrapped in film, zip-lock bags and refrigerated or frozen.

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