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OK – I’ll bite… How do I pull this off????

With this Planner it’s all about planning and confidence.

We’ll help you do the planning, show you lots of our tricks and answer your questions.

The confidence has to come from you, but we think you’ll feel better knowing that we'll help!

Our Chicken Wings are easy to make, with three great sauces.

1. How many guests? 8, 12 or 50 folks on the way? Look to your left: The Snacks, Appetizers, Dinners, or Salads, Vegetables, and Desserts all have recipes and ideas to serve 50 people. Scale them up or down to meet your needs.

2. What should I serve? Check out Sample Menus to get some ideas. But hey, it’s your party – use our Planner, be creative and have fun!

3. How much should I serve? Follow our formulas:

Appetizer Menu?: Serving Snacks, Appetizers, Desserts - but not Dinner:
Plan for 6-8 bites per person, per hour, less after each hour

Dinner Menu?:Snacks, Appetizers, Dinners, Salads, Vegetables, Desserts:
Plan for 1.5 pounds of food per person

You can serve less or more, but these simple formulas usually work. Find out more in How Much Food? and How Much Drink?

4. What do I have to buy? All of our recipes contain detailed Shopping Lists - (Yes!) Find them with each recipe. And don't forget to look at our Shopping Tips to get some great ideas about cutting your costs.

5. What if I get stuck? E-mail us with the Ask-a-Caterer form on the bottom of most of our pages. It’s free.

Some FAQ’s:

  • OK, so I’m not the greatest cook in the world… Most of our recipes have detailed Step By Step PHOTO instructions. Not to worry.

  • What if I’m serving more than 50? Check out Catering 101 for ideas and secrets about serving large numbers of people.

  • How am I going to keep all the food warm? Food Warmers will show you how to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

  • My kitchen is closet size. How can I feed lots of guests? Cooking For a Crowd tells all. Size is good, but smart rules. We’ll show you how.

  • People aren't coming to my house; it’s at another place. Read about Party Kitchen to get our tips on what to do when you hit the road.

  • Can I really do my own Wedding Reception? Oh yes you can! Think of all that money you’ll save, usually around 75%!! Use our Planner and also see Reception Planner.

    You can do this! We'll help.

    Want to see some great Snack recipes? Ready for some Dinner and Entrée ideas? How about some Dessert?

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    Need an idea? Use the form below to ask us about quantities, substitutions, whatever. We're here to help. Ask-a-Caterer is Free.

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