Party Food Planner makes for
Perfect Party!

Plan the Menu, Beverages, Shopping, Helpers - all right Here.

Make your party food a success. We've got the plans you need.

Great food makes even great parties better - lousy food ruins 'em every time. Have you ever heard someone say, "Wow, I went to this great party, but the food was nasty..."? No way.

Our easy, party-friendly Orange Chicken is totally good.

Start Planning - Our site's info is free for your personal use.

  • Party Planner is where you start. Start with the basics to design your party, big or little, simple or elegant. It's up to you!

  • Bar and Beverage Planner has all the answers about buying and serving liquor, beer and wine - and soft drinks too, coffee and tea. How many cases in a keg?

  • Party Food Quantities helps you plan how much food, drink and supplies you'll need. He ate HOW many appetizers...?!

  • Menu Planning is fun when you choose one of our sample parties and find the menu you like, or mix and match to suit your needs.

  • Helpers are needed. Who ya gonna call? Here's how to find them, how many you'll need, what they'll do, and how to find a pro if you want one.

  • Shopping Tips tells you where to shop, how to save, and how to find the things you'll need for party perfect.

    Carefully plan your party, especially the food.
    You'll thank yourself later for your work now.

    Anything and Everything about Bridal Showers!

    Successful Bridal Shower Ideas for a fun and stress-free event.

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