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Now’s the time to save. In 2012, the best party food ideas taste great and cost less.

Life goes on, even with mortgages and debts. Weddings, grads, births, and events still get celebrated.

Here are delicious ideas that defy the recession and get it done for less:

Cheap, easy to make, Crescent Pizza always pleases. It’s great!

Plan your party food with Party Planner

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Party Food Ideas that SAVE:

  • Wedding Receptions: Our Wedding Reception Planner leads you through simple and elegant receptions you can do yourself - step-by-step details, even the cake!

    Catering Your Own Wedding:

    Wedding Cake - Easy to bake, built and decorate - and beautiful!

  • Plan the Menu: Go to Sample Menus to find specific ideas and suggestions. We've got some intentionally inexpensive menus. "The savings are in the menu."


    Chicken Wings! It’s a wing thing, cheap and easy.

  • Rent: Don’t buy. Renting will illustrate lots of ways to cut your costs and still have the type of gear you’ll need - same stuff the pros use.


    Chocolate Ice Cream Dips recession-proof fun!

  • Have the Party at Home: Work from your Home Kitchen and avoid lots of venue costs and hassle. Read our section for lots of tips and ideas.


    Olive Bread Bowl is the easy and inexpensive way to do a nice bread dip.

  • How to Party Shop: Shop smart with Shopping Tips and save lots more.


    Nachos are always a hit, especially with our secret! Control the cost by carefully choosing the toppings. Nothin’s wrong with plain cheese.

  • Helpers: Cut your labor costs by asking friends and family to help out. Party helpers shows you how many people you will need and what you’ll ask them to do. We’ll also show you how to locate an experienced person you can hire, if you need.


    Caesar Salad. Beat 2009 in style! Inexpensive and easy, Caesar Salad does it all.

    Have Fun and Enjoy Being a Girl!

    Create Your Perfect Party at Diva Girl Parties and Stuff! This is the perfect party site for Divas of all ages! Check out their huge Party Supplies section too.

    Parties that Teens Will Love

    Throw a Rockin Teen Party with oodles of ideas that work for all kinds of teen parties. This cool site is loaded with great suggestions, fresh ideas and includes a wonderful parent’s guide.

    Party ideas and party game ideas like you won't believe!

    When you want every party idea under the sun, be sure to check out this comprehensive site. Very well written with oodles of great info, you'll love finding everything under one roof.

  • Party Food Ideas to Cut Costs:

  • 1. Simplify. Save the fancy for next time, if you can. Use chicken instead of seafood, salads instead of lunchmeats, beer and wine instead of a liquor bar – you get the idea.

    2. Use the Store. Consider using Deli-made products for spreads and dips. Example: Add sour cream and cream cheese to store-made seafood salad, season, a bit of lemon, then spread on crackers or bread. Save money and time.

    3. Paper instead of linens. Give the online party stores a look – so many colors and ideas – usually cheaper than renting lots of gear. Rent next year.

    4. Wedding Reception? Go to Catering Your Own Wedding. You’ll find so many great party food ideas there to help you.

  • Ask: Ask us. We’ll help. Use the “Ask a Caterer” form of the bottom of this page. It's free.

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    Need an idea for your party? We're here to help. Ask a Caterer is free:

    Need an idea for your party? We're here to help. Ask a Caterer is free:

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