25+ Party Dips with Easy Dip Recipes

Let's Take a Dip!
Come on in - the flavor's fine!

Party dips and parties have been partners from the start. Chips alone are half the story - add dips and now you've got something going on.

Want a lighter dip? No problem - the fat reduced sour creams and cream cheeses have come a long way in both and consistency. In dips and recipes, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. We like to have a few lower fat options available.

Endless varieties, you bet - but party dips are versatile too. They compliment every menu you can design, always welcoming your guest in just that right way.

Many dips will work nicely no matter if they are served hot or cold. Experiment and see which way you like your favorite. For larger parties, we often have all the hot dips in one place - which makes it easier to keep them warm throughout the party.

Don't stop with chips. There are so many fun breads, crackers and rolls out there too. Make a bread bowl for your dip, or surround your dip with bread sticks. Have some fun with both dips and dippers!

When you're serving alcohol, be sure to have dips near the bar. They add great flavors, true - but they also slow the absorption of alcohol. Makes for a better crowd.

We'll help you find the right dip, mix it up just great and also answer your party food questions for FREE with Ask-a-Caterer.

Caterer's Secrets - Facts Behind These Foods

Hot Spinach works warm or cold with French bread gives you lots of serving options.

Seafood Dip Recipes:

Cold Crab
Hot Crab
Smoked Salmon

Vegetable Dip Recipes:

7 Layer
Black Bean
Knorr Spinach
Spinach Artichoke

More Dip Recipes:

Buffalo Chicken
Chicken Wing

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