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Amy from Cherry Hill, New Jersey who asked:

Amy writes: “We’ve just moved here and our New Years parties food is on a very tight budget. I have 12-15 people coming, mostly friends from work and a few family. We just have to be careful about cost. I do have time to prepare everything, just want some money-saving ideas for the food. TIA!“

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Amy - Most of us are in the same situation with you, needing to do more with less. We can help, and we will!

Start with our New Years Eve Party Ideas on the site:

New Years Ideas has several ideas that will not cost a bundle. The Party Dips section has over 25 wonderful dip recipes. We use them with nice breads and crackers, which are usually easy on the budget.

We’ve got lots of Appetizer Recipes for you, and the cheapest ones include one of our favorites:

Here are Chicken Wings that use the “drummette” part of the wing. If you buy the whole wings, cut them yourself and then freeze the other parts for later, then you really save. The sauces are excellent.

In the Snacks pages, look for Crescent Pizza which is one of our least expensive recipes, but it’s so fun with many options. It uses crescent roll dough from your store’s refrigerator section, and it’s really good!

You’ll find this and other money-saving ideas in our Cheap Recipes section. It’s the third most viewed area of the site - so Amy you know you’re alone!

We’ve got lots of chocolate desserts for you. And for something inexpensive, give our Chocolate Ice Cream Dips a try. They are easy to make ahead of time too!

All of these recipes are easy to afford, and they are easy to make too. Get them done the day before so you can spend more of the evening with your new pals in NJ!

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