Lobster Tail Recipes

Here are our Lobster Tail Recipes that work best as appetizers

Lobster isn’t always easy to eat, even when it’s out of the shell - and it tends to toughen up when overcooked. Here’s our way around those two issues - with our serving and cooking ideas.

If you’re buying frozen lobster tails, check to see if they are already cooked. If so, they simply need to be warmed. Small Rock Lobster tails, larger tails cut up, and Langostinos will all work.

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Portions/Servings See below for lobster tail recipe ideas and quantities.
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Ingredients and Directions

Larger Lobster Tails

Larger lobster tails are usually available frozen. We use tails that are 8 ounces or larger. For an appetizer with tails like these, we figure that one will feed 4-5 people, when you’re serving other foods.

We bake tails like this, from frozen. Wrap each tail in aluminum foil and bake for 45 minutes at 350° . Remove from the oven, carefully unwrap the foil, and use kitchen shears to cut the bottom of the shell. Careful - it’s really hot. Then, cut the tail into bite size pieces. You might want to save the shells for a garnish.

From here, we simply toss them in garlic butter, garnish with greens and lemons, and serve. That’s our most requested way.

Small Rock Lobster Tails

We like rocks because of their flavor and convenient size, but small is small - use what you can get. Usually available frozen, we thaw them overnight in refrigeration - NEVER at room temperature. These go sour real fast - find out more in Food Safety.

These also marinate very well. We like to split/cut the thawed rocks in half (through the top, but they still hold together as one tail.) Then we marinate them for 3 hours in the fridge. Try this marinade for 4 - 3or4 ounce tails:

Juice from 2 lemons
1/2 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon each of paprika and salt
Couple shakes of both garlic powder and pepper

Rub the marinade into the tails, then cover in a bowl and refrigerate. Grill or saute (we saute,) for 5/6 minutes. (We work really hot.) They are done when white through the center - careful not to overcook. Garnish and serve.

Based on the party menu, we usually plan for 1.5 - 2 ounces per person as an appetizer for these, but careful to serve other apps at the same time or before - make sure you have enough to go around.


Not really lobster but closer to a shrimp, these little guys are delicious. Go for the “mini” kind, usually frozen and often precooked. If precooked - you want to warm them through but not cook - they dry out so fast. Follow the package directions to cook. With other appetizers being served, we plan 2-3 per person.

We like to get these out of the shell after cooking, then combine in a sauce which works well in a chafing dish. Our most requested sauces are either a spicy, red sauce or a smooth creamy one. For spicy red, we combine equal parts of chili sauce and tomato sauce, Frank’s Hot Sauce and melted butter. For the creamy, we mix equal parts of something like Snow’s Chowder and evaporated milk, topped with parm cheese. Both of these work famously in a chafing dish when you're having a longer party. If the liquid needs thinning, add some boiling water.

Did you get some good ideas? Lobster is expensive, delicate and spoils all to quickly. It takes planning and work to get it right. But we're always in your kitchen corner!

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