Lobster Roll Snack – Maine’s Best!

It started out as a dare:

“You can’t serve lobster rolls at my party – I couldn’t afford it!,” said our customer. Good point, we thought, until one day when we saw samples being handed out at a food show. Light bulbs lit, and back to the kitchen we went.

Still, this is expensive – expect to pay around $3-4 per person for this snack. But we know, sometimes you want to serve the very best.

Baguette bread. We bake our own, but Panera and many other places do a great job. Their “demi”-style loaves work very well for this snack, as long as it's not too big around. Crackers taste great but get soggy. And hey: Mainer’s still put their lobster salad on hot dog rolls. But - for the way we serve this- we go with baguettes.

Portions/Servings for Lobster Roll Snacks

This recipe will feed 50 people, if you are you are serving other snacks, and/or appetizers, dinners, etc. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Shopping List for 50 People:

___4 – French baguettes, or "demi" style breads

___4 pounds of cooked, cleaned lobster meat. Fresh is best, frozen if necessary – NEVER canned (like from next to the canned tuna...). If you can’t get fresh or frozen, choose another snack.

___ One package of celery hearts

___ 24oz. of mayonnaise

___ 1 tsp. of pepper

___ 1 lemon

___ 1/2 tsp. of salt

___12 scallions, (green onions)


___ 1 – 1 lb. cooked Maine lobster. We suggest you have this cooked at the store, and refrigerated so you can bring home cold. Make sure it has all its parts intact, antennas and such.

NOTE: The Lobster above is a garnish, (and maybe a great post-party treat for the hosts!) You can skip it if it cost or location won’t cooperate.

___ 1 - small head of leafy lettuce, something colorful.

___ 6 – lemons

Procedure for Lobster Roll Snacks:

One Day Before the Party:

Chop the celery into fine, small pieces. You need two cups.

Clean and cut the scallion onions into small rounds, useboth the green and white parts.

In a large bowl, mix together the juice of one lemon with all the mayonnaise, salt and pepper, diced celery and cut scallions.

Now carefully fold in the lobster meat and all the liquid. Take your time and avoid breaking up the pieces of lobster.

Cover the lobster salad tightly with film, pushing the film right down onto the surface of the salad. Refrigerate.

On the Day of the Party:

Slice the bread into thin pieces, than repack it into zip-lock bags to keep it fresh.

We like about to go around ¼inch thick.

Decoratively cut the lemons you’re serving with the lobster.

Follow our method or another interesting way.

Learn more about this knife.

Wash and spread the lettuce for your large serving platter. Carefully wash the cooked lobster and place it in the middle of the platter, along with the cut lemons.

Take some time with this arrangement. Make it look great! Since you're not using the lobster for the recipe, you can have some fun by offering it to your guests in a cool way, like a game, the "winner," someone's special day, etc.

Notice how much liquid has accumulated in the lobster mix. This is just what you want, because there is so much flavor in the liquid. When you put the salad mix on the cut bread, use a spoon and make sure that a little of that liquid goes onto each one. (This is why we use baguete bread and not crackers - the bread absorbs the liquid and holds together; the crackers will fall apart.)

Now cover the pieces of bread with your salad, making sure to spoon some liquid onto each piece. Try to have a little bit of the red lobster meat on the top of each piece.

Presentation for Lobster Roll Snacks: Your Eyes Eat First

Have someone carry and offer this appetizer to your guests. We’ve learned that there will be guests who just LOVE this snack – to the point that they would eat little else if they could. Hopefully your server can keep an eye on who’s eaten how many, making sure that everyone who wants one, can get one.

Leftovers for Lobster Roll Snacks:

The lobster salad won’t freeze very well. But if you have a good amount left over, here’s a method that will work for you: Using a large colander, wash the mayonnaise off of the lobster with cold water. Transfer the lobster meat to a plastic tub, cover the lobster with water, seal and freeze.

When it’s time to use the lobster, be sure to cook it to at least 165° - see Food Safety. Use the Ask-a-Caterer form to get our Lobster Garlic Marinara Sauce Recipe!

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