Lobster Newburg Recipe

Embarrassing Easy, yet delicious
Here’s our Lobster Newburg Recipe

As caterers, we need to use recipes that not only taste great, but also they need to work. This is especially true when we’re doing large buffet parties, our appetizers are in chafing dishes, and the food needs to keep looking great for as long as it’s being served.

Sure we can make sauces with egg yokes and heavy cream - but the pros seldom do. We look for products that will hold up in that chafer, and, taste wonderful.

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Portions/Servings This recipe will feed 12 people.
Read about Party Food Quantities to plan for more or less.


Lobster, 3 “chicken” size, cooked
    or, 1 pound of fresh lobster meat
4 envelopes of Knorr Newburg Sauce mix
Milk and butter for the mixes
Sliced bread

Directions for Lobster Newburg Recipe

If fresh lobster is available in your area, you can usually get them cooked. If so, ask for them to be slightly undercooked, just a bit. They usually steam them, and then ask for them to be refrigerated. You will need to remove the meat from the tails and claws. Keep the putting the lobster back into the fridge and keep it cold.

Or - you may be able to buy the lobster already out of the shell. Here in New Hampshire, we can buy it this way by the pound.

We don’t recommend using a canned product - too much taste quality is lost in this process.

Using a pound of meat, break and cut it into pieces. Save any leftover liquid from the lobster. Refrigerate.

Now prepare the Knorr mix. If you cannot get Knorr products at your local shop, it is available from Amazon.com and other online vendors. We never use anything other than Knorr, especially for anything involving a chafing dish. Follow the package directions and build the sauce.

Transfer the sauce into your warm chafing dish. Put the pieces of lobster in with the sauce, cover the chafer and wait for 15- 20 minutes until the meat is warmed.

While waiting, toast up several pieces of bread. We like to cut them into halves on a diagonal, place them near the chafer so that guests can put a toast point on their place and top it with the Newburg. This also helps to portion control how much they take.

We garnish the sauce in the chafing dish with chopped parsley and pieces of lobster shell if we have some, and lemon.

FYI - Knorr has a variety of products. Their Hollandaise sauce is excellent. Many of their sauces are also available in food service packaging, also from Amazon and others

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