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Tammy from Elkhart, Indiana, who asked:

Tammy writes: “My daughter is having a birthday party and she is turning 14. We are very low on money right now, but we want to have good food at the party.

So what are some ideas that does not take long to make, and is cheap. Its just snack foods though, and it has to be foods that teens will love, so no fish or spinach and stuff like that.

Thanks alot!”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hi Tammy, NP - We understand exactly where you're at!  

Here is a cheap birthday party menu that you’ll be proud to serve and your girl will love:

This Crescent Roll Pizza is so good - kids enjoy the buttery crust.  It can be prepped the day before, kept in the fridge, and then baked when the kids arrive.  Ask your girl what toppings she thinks her pals will like.

Always a hit, Nachos are cheap and easy - so many toppings to choose from.

The Bacon Kielbasa Wraps are a big hit for kids - it's the cheese that does it, I think.  The boys will especially like this one.   Also prepped the day before.

We would also serve chips, pretzels, fruit and cake - no more. Fruits can be apples and bananas, cut in half. Ask at the store for fruits that are smaller in size - "petite" bananas are usually half the size as normal ones. "U120" apples are way smaller than the ones we often see on display.

For your cake - try WalMart - they have the best prices we've seen anywhere, and the quality is fine.

Be sure to serve soda in 2 liter bottles, not cans - way cheaper.  

With a menu like this - it doesn't come across as cheap - it seems like you put a lot of time, thought and expense into it.  

Hope this helps!

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