Home Kitchen for the Party at Home

In MY Home Kitchen??? – You’ve got to be kidding….!
”Home, Home on My Range”

We know you can - we’ve done all these recipes in our home kitchen.

Condo kitchen can’t do? We’ve served 100s out of an RV. Tiny apartment? With just the right cookware you can definitely make the recipes ahead of time - that’s the secret. Get it all done before they arrive.

The sauce for our Orange Chicken Recipe is so simple to make

Follow these links to pick the best menus
for your kitchen size, how to double/triple your
refrigeration, the best recipes
to make ahead of time, how food warmers
can quadruple your oven space, and oodles of
secrets to get your kitchen going on steroids:

Make a plan. Party Planner will guide you through the basics. Remember our secret is to do as much ahead of time as possible, especially cooking.

Sample Menus will give you some good ideas. Choose a kitchen and time-friendly menu, and you've got it made - literally. Most of our recipes are especially designed to be made ahead. That means when it’s party time, your kitchen should be used mostly for serving, not cooking.

Many of our party recipes can be made even weeks ahead and frozen for party time: Tuna Sashimi, Sweet Potato Casserole, Orange Chicken and Baked Salmon work well for this.

Cooking and cooling. These are the usual suspects that fowl up (chicken joke, couldn't resist...) most kitchens, but there are workarounds: Refrigeration and Food Warmers show you the secrets.

Got the best home kitchen on the planet? Recipes like Stuffed Shrimp, Salad Nicoise and Garlic Mashed Potatoes take a little more work. Remember to plan your menu so that you can spend as much time with your guests as possible.

Really small home kitchen? Go easy on fried foods. They’re not as good for smaller kitchens because you need to cook them as you go, right at the party. Instead, choose recipes you can easily cook ahead of time, like: Chicken Wings, Avocado & Strawberry Salad, and Chicken Divan. Follow our tips in Food Warmers to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.

Not to be religious or anything, but “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” just like they say. So clean, clean, clean. Company's Coming! - You’re going to be cleaning up anyway, so do an especially good job in the kitchen. See Food Safety for more.

Counterspace. You need room to work. Consider bringing in a temporary work table, or move some furniture around to give you more clean, flat surfaces. You can rearrange before guests show up. You may be renting tables anyway, check out Renting for more ideas.

Ask for help. Kitchen Crew will give you some good ideas for your helpers. Doesn't hurt to ask.

See, your home kitchen isn't so bad! Plan a good menu with great party recipes, add some counterspace, bring in some coolers and chill out. It's going to be a great party!

Convinced that your kitchen just won't work?

If you need to cook somewhere else and bring food to your home, or if the party is/should be elsewhere, go to Party Kitchen to learn about venue kitchens.

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