Holiday Dessert Recipes for 50?
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Maggie from Providence, Rhode Island who asked:

Maggie writes: “How many holiday dessert recipes would I need for 50-75 people? This is an intergenerational mix of mostly family and friends, here at my home, but I don’t want it to get too complicated, or expensive. We’re trying to save this year, but it still needs to be a good time. What do you suggest? Thanks!”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Maggie - lots of family, simply and not pricey - no problem! We would do 4-5 different items for a party like yours. Here's some ideas to choose from:

Check out our Christmas Section on the site:

Here is our Chocolate Pecan Pie , one of the three new Christmas desserts we’ve added just for the season.

This is the Chocolate Eclair Casserole , also in the new Christmas Desserts section. Perfect for kids, and just plain good.

Check out the dozens of Chocolate Desserts we have for you, but give a good look at the Chocolate Fruit Skewers . These are unique, delicious and very cool. We use maple syrup with them, but they can also be marinated in various liqueurs.

If you’re looking for something with that homemade, goodness taste, give White Chocolate Smores a try. This frosted cookie/cake has all the remembrance of a campfire, and the delicate sweetness of a French Bakery.

For your older family, they will appreciate the old-time flavor of Chocolate Shortbread Fondue . The shortbread procedure is an old one, which goes perfectly with the chocolate fondue. Add some fruit for additional dipping, and you will have a dessert all ages will enjoy.

All of these recipes are do-aheads, which will make things much easier for you. Their cost is minimal as well, so you should be both under worked and under budget...not too shabby... Hope you have a great time!

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