Halloween Party Recipes
for 12, 25, 50 and more!

Holiday Fun and Traditional Favorites

Halloween Party Recipes bring out the fun in all of us.

Enjoy our collection of both playful and delicious ideas, for kids and adults alike.

Sure, we’ve got some scary goodies for you, but we have some down to earth favorites too.

And oh yeah - watch out for the Poop Punch...

Festive, crisp, smooth Apple Cider Punch

Here is our Complete List of Appetizers

Turns out that Halloween has become a huge party time. Some estimate that more parties are given at this time of year than any other. We like to have a blend of some fun food dishes, along with more traditional choices. People like to have fun, but what's a party without some great food?

So choose a few of these pranky dishes, and then have some "normal" choices going on too. Your guests will appreciate it all the more.

Scary but Yummy Halloween Snacks

Potato Bugs - is Halloween Party fun made with garlic mashed potato and a bit of red.

Crock a Maggots adds orzo pasta to refried beans, for a scary stew that’s sure to bring a smile.

Fish Eggs, but not from the sea. But the devil is in them...

Terrifying Halloween Appetizers

Barfalo Wings - starts in Buffalo but goes South with a creepy but delicious sauce.

Shish KaDogs adds some real bark to our favorite dog, corn and all.

Stuffed Bathrooms, what is that about? Commotion in a Commode?

Goblen’s Brew - Halloween Punch

Poop Punch - is Halloween Party fun made with root beer and chocolate ice cream.

Foggy Punch - uses dry ice for the fog, fruit drink, soda and a secret for the yummm!

Traditional Fall Punch? Here’s a brisk cider punch that completes any Autumn party.

Treats, no Tricks for Halloween Desserts!

Magic Wands to say “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the Sweetest of them all?”

Gummy Cakes have real worms - well sorta - the great kid-friendly taste is real for sure!

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake, with dark chocolate is just too good - a Fall classic.

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