Halloween Party Food on a Budget?
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Marissa from Toledo, Ohio, who asked:

Marissa writes: “After 18 years I lost my job last week, still cant believe it. But we promised the kids (and others) that I would have a Halloween party again this year like we do every year. Everyone looks forward to it. But now we’re on a super tight budget. What kind of food can I serve, not just party food this and that, I want to have a few fun things like we have done, just cheaper. Can you help?”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Marissa - Sorry about your job... But good for you to keep this tradition going. Sure we’ll help!

We’ve got some fun, creepy crawly foods on the site. Halloween Party Recipes has yummy and yicky ideas sure to both terrify and please.

Of them, the Potato Bugs are the cheapest, and maybe even the cutest! Fish Eggs are also inexpensive, with more protein and substance.

For drinks, Halloween Punch Recipes offers three goodies - try Foggy Punch for the most wallet-friendly, without the dry ice, if you dare...

Once you get beyond some holiday fun, it’s time to feed your party guests. Check out our Cheap Recipes for lots of great ideas on how to serve delicious food at a really low cost.

Dollar for dollar, chicken is still the most cost-efficient way to feed a party crowd. We've got lots of chicken recipes in our Appetizer Recipes section that are sure to please. Your food doesn't need to be scary, just good!

For your Trick or Treaters - here’s a way to save money - give it away! Seriously, if you offer a plate of pennies, where each kid can get a small handful, it will save you money over the cost of store bought candy.

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