Halloween Dessert Recipes

Trick or Treat? No tricks here - just yummy treats! Let’s have some fun with Halloween Desserts:

Magic Wands Cast your best spell with these wands meant for sweet witches and warlocks everywhere!

Gummy Cakes - It’s a worm thing! Kids love these creepy crawlers, but don’t use them for fishing.

Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate Cake How about a traditional autumn cake, great for grown-ups at your Halloween Party?

Here is our Complete List of Chocolate Desserts Recipes

Use our
Magic Wands to say “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the Sweetest of them all?”

Gummy Cakes have real worms - well sorta - the great kid-friendly taste is real for sure!

Stuffed Pumpkin Chocolate Cake, with dark chocolate is just too good - a Fall classic.

Cast Your Best Spell - They’re Magic

Magic Wands - who doesn’t want one. Forget Halloween - have some sweet magic all year round with these fun and easy holiday desserts.


These recipes will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Magic Wands Recipe Shopping List
for 12 People:

___3 cans of rolled wafers

___1 - package of white cake frosting

___1 - jar of multi-colored candy jimmies


The Day of the Party:

Easy as can be. Open the cans of rolled wafers, spread some icing on them, roll in the jimmies, and serve!

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

Lots of fun ways to serve these. Leave them out overnight and they will firm up nicely - easier to handle.

So what’s you’re first magic spell? (we get 10%)

One can only wonder what spells these two are brewing up...!

Worm Cakes - Real Worms!

Time for happy kids - a dessert just for them. No doubt - Halloween is the best time for eating worms - don’t you agree?


These recipes will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Gummy Cakes Recipe Shopping List
for 12 People:

___ 1 chocolate cake mix

___ 2 packages of gummy worms

___ 1 package of white icing

___green food coloring


The Day Before the Party:

We like to get these done the day before. This just frees up more time for the party. But - you need to resist snacking. Good Luck!

Follow the box directions and make cupcakes.

When baking, add about 15% more time - you want a firmer top that is stiffer. Allow the cakes to cool completely.

Now don’t laugh - but this is really how we do it. We run a large drill bit through the dishmachine, get it squeaky clean, and use it to make holes in the cakes.

Works every time. Turn the drill by hand, making holes about 1 inch deep.

Stick a gummy worm into each hole, letting some of it stick out the top.

Add a few drops of food coloring into the white icing, and carefully spread around the worms on each cupcake.

We’ve also piped icing onto each one, FYI.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

Kids just love these - meaning kids of all ages.

Pumpkin Cake with Dark Chocolate

Enough with spooky ‘this and food-colored that’ - I want a real dessert! You got it. Enjoy our Fall themed Pumpkin Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate - so good:


These recipes will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Follow our guidelines below, and read about Party Food Quantities how to plan for the right amounts.

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake Recipe Shopping List

___1 - Chocolate Cake Recipe - we like Dunkin Heinz

___1 - can pumpkin

___1 pack icing

___1 - 3oz bar of dark chocolate


The Day Before the Party:

Make this cake the day before your party - just no snacking!

Start with your favorite box chocolate cake mix. Mash up the pumpkin, and add it to the mix, along with the other ingredients (milk/water/oil.) You may want to use a little less liquid than normal - helps if you know the mix you’re using (to get the right consistency.) With Dunkin Heinz - we use about 15% less water.

Bake the cake as usual. Remove from the oven, allow to cool and place on a serving platter, ready to apply frosting.

Ice the cake, then cover with shreds of dark chocolate you cut with a vegetable grater.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

The pumpkin and chocolate work so nicely together. You’ll love it.

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