Halloween Appetizer Recipes

Oh my - did someone say “Halloween?” Were you looking for something ‘out there?’ Come on in - the creepies fine...

Barfalo Wings Buffalo will never be the same. The “secret” is in the sauce...

Shish KaDogs - No, they’re not real dog. We think.

Stuffed Bathrooms Our WC twist on Stuffed Mushrooms. Happy Halloween!

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Barfalo Wings - starts in Buffalo but goes South with a creepy but delicious sauce.

Shish KaDogs adds some real bark to our favorite dog, corn and all.

OK -
Stuffed Bathrooms, what is that about? Commotion in a Commode?

Barfalo Wings - Watch out for the Sauce

Not from Buffalo - and no offense intended for the great state of New York. Just for Halloween, our Barfalo Wings take chicken wings to a new (very low) level.

The sweet, red, drippy sauce says it all!

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Chicken Wing Recipes


These recipes will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Barfalo Wings Recipe Shopping List
for 12 People:

___1 - 5 pound bag of frozen drummette style chicken wings

___oil for frying

___salt, pepper and garlic powder

___8 ounces of corn syrup

___8 ounces of your favorite BBQ sauce

___a little hot sauce


The Day of the Party:

When frying, keep the chicken frozen. That’s right, you’ll be dropping frozen chicken wings into the hot oil – so be careful. Use a pan/pot that will have enough oil to fry, but not more than half full with oil.

Always use metal tongs to handle the chicken. Don’t splash the chicken into the oil, instead hold the chicken with tongs just above the oil surface and let it gently fall. Use a glove or potholder, never a towel. And remember, this method works with wings, not necessarily with other chicken parts.

We recommend using a Fry Daddy frier from Presto:

You’ll be deep-frying with hot oil at 350°F . You will need a fairly large container of oil, or plan on making several batches in a smaller unit. TIP: If you are going to be doing a lot of frying in your home, you might want to buy a small deep-fryer. Often inexpensive, these cookers automatically go to the proper temperature and usually do a great job. We use a “fry-daddy”.

Close to party time, carefully drop the frozen drummettes into the hot oil for 12 minutes. Drain and serve immediately.

While the wings are frying, assemble the sauce by combining the corn syrup, BBQ sauce, spices and a bit of hot sauce. Adjust to your taste.

You want a sweet, red sauce, on the drippy side.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

Maybe on a bed of lettuce, or in some way you like, be sure to include a label so your guests know what they’re eating!

These are so good, you may not go back to Buffalo - ever!

Shish KaDogs - you put WHAT on a stick?!

It’s Halloween. Any self-respecting party is going to be serving skewered dogs, right? Well, ours does! How about yours?


These recipes will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Shish KaDogs Recipe Shopping List
for 12 People:

___ 1 pound hot dogs

___ 1 can creamed corn

___ 1 package of 6 inch wooden skewer sticks


The Day of the Party:

Hot dogs are fully cooked when you buy them. They need (or not) to be warmed up a bit. Here’s how we do it:

Cut the dogs into 3/4 pieces, and skewer them up.

Open the canned corn, and heat it through on the stove top.

Shortly before guests arrive, give the dogs a blast in the microwave - 2 minutes or so will do. Remember, they’re fully cooked.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

We have some fun with a small sign there so your guests can have a laugh - enjoy!

Stuffed Bathrooms - It’s in the Pot...

Hummm... What’s dark, ground up, and sits in a white bowl? Must be our Stuffed Bathrooms! Huh???

OK - it’s our Halloween knock off for ‘Stuffed Mushrooms,’ but no need to tell anyone - yet.


These recipes will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Follow our guidelines below, and read about Party Food Quantities how to plan for the right amounts.

Stuffed Bathrooms Recipe Shopping List

___1 - dozen jumbo eggs

___1 pound your favorite sausage

___1 small onion

___few shakes of bread crumbs

___salt, pepper and garlic


The Day Before the Party:

Hard boil the eggs by covering them in cold water, heating the water to a boil, cook for 2 minutes, turn off the heat, cover and wait for 20 minutes. Then run them under cold water until completely cool. FYI - this is the way we always cook hard boiled eggs.

Peel the eggs, carefully cut in half, and nip off a bit of egg on the bottom of each half so that it will not roll around. Refrigerate.

Carefully remove the egg yokes into a mixing bowl and refrigerate. You won’t be using them for this recipe, so save them for another.

Finely chop the onion and saute in a bit of oil. Add the sausage and seasonings to your taste - then cook through. Allow to cool.

Mix the cooled sausage with bread crumbs and check for taste. Add whatever spices you like.

Stuff the eggs like normal deviled eggs, nice and rounded. You’re going to have more stuffing than you need - we’ll be using the extra for a dip on your table. Refrigerate it in a bowl or bag.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

Shortly before your guests arrive, arrange the Stuffed Bathrooms on a serving dish.

We have fun with this, putting some carefully arranged toilet paper around - after all, they might need some.

And we like to have a little “spilled around the rim...”

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