Graduation Party Food Ideas

Pomp and Circumstance made easy with
Graduation Party Food ideas!

Congratulations are in order! These graduation party food ideas will help you plan your grad's day; find 100's of ideas in our Menu Planning Page for more suggestions.

You can also use Ask-a-Caterer for any food questions you have. Great for correct quantities.

Chicken Wings are always a hit, but our Secret really helps!

Dips and Breads are always a great way to start, especially when you're serving alcohol.


Olive Bread Bowl. This dip recipe is easy to make ahead of time.

Here's our complete list of Party Dip Recipe Ideas. They can be served with bread, chips, crisps, veggies - you name it!

Say it with seafood! "Lobster" means "celebrate" in any language.

Lobster Roll Snack. Here's a simple way to offer the very best.

This Seafood Cocktail has a little bit of everything - so elegant!

Plan 4-6 bites of Appetizers per hour for a "Stand Up Appetizer Party."


Bacon Kielbasa Wraps. This is a most requested appetizers - especially for guys.

Our complete list of Appetizers has over 70 recipes that we have served with pride.

Don't serve alcohol without lots of thought and planning.


Plan your quantities and choose you brews.


How to plan: Soda, Brewed Coffee and Tea

Pre-School, Elementary, Middle School Graduation?

Bagel Cheese Pizzas. Mini-pizzas - kids love 'em!

Try our Children's Section for ideas that we know work well with kids.

   ♦   Having more than 50 guests? Read: Cooking For a Crowd. Everything you need for larger numbers.

   ♦   Serving Outdoors? Try: Picnic Food Ideas. 'May the sun never shine on your mayonnaise..."

   ♦   On a tight budget? See: Party on Pennies. How to have a nice party on the cheap.

   ♦   How to keep the food warm, or cold? Check: Food Warmers. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

   ♦   Need to rent some stuff? Here's: Party Rental. What to rent and how to do it.

   ♦   I'm totally lost - where do I start? Start here: Catering 101. Everything you need to know starts here.

   ♦   I'm still totally lost - what do I do? Ask Us:Ask-a-Caterer. Free and the place for all your party food questions.

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