Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes for 50
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Marna from Ukiah, California, who asked about fruit salad recipes:

Marna writes: “For our Parent’s anniversary, we want to have a nice fruit salad platter for our party of 50 people. This will be during the cocktail hour when as they arrive, along with cheeses, etc. How much fruit should we buy?

What kinds of fruits are best to serve, and how do we know how much we get from the fruit after we wash and cut it? We want something nice, but we can’t go overboard. Thank you for this helpful site! Marna”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Marna - Congrats to your Parents!

Let’s start with this list of popular fruits and their yields after cleaning, prep and portioning:

Bananas - 67%

Cantaloupe & Honeydew - 45%

Kiwi - 76%

Oranges - 55%

Peaches & Pears - 75%

Pineapple - 50%

Watermelon, seedless - 45%

Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, grapes - all yield 95%.

So how much to buy?

Follow the yield amounts above - always a little more.

As a general rule - when we shop, we get twice as much fruit as we need serve, by weight. So we buy 10 pounds of “raw” fruit to come up with 5 pounds of fruit that is cleaned, cut and ready to serve.

What’s the best fruit to serve?

We like to start with melons. They may have a lower yield, but they prep fast - and - their empty shells offer lots of opportunities. We cut them in half and use them to serve fruit dips, or cut serving baskets out of watermelon shells, etc.

The standard measure for fruit is 3+ ounces per person. For your 50 guests, you’ll need 10 pounds of fruit (50 people times 3 ounces = 150, divided by 16(ounces in a pound) = 9.375, so a little more = 10 pounds.)

Ready to serve Fruit for:

12 People - serve 3 Pounds of Fruit
25 People - serve 5 Pounds of Fruit
50 People - serve 10 Pounds of Fruit
75 People - serve 15 Pounds of Fruit
100 People - serve 20 Pounds of Fruit
200 People - serve 40 Pounds of Fruit - Write for Ideas

Where you are in California, you’ll have lots of choices - it depends more on what you want to spend and what’s good.

Fruit can get pricey. And quality is another thing altogether... “Hothouse” fruit isn’t all that great. So shop wisely for fresh fruit with these quantities in mind.

“Your Eyes Eat First.” Spend time making your fruit platter and displays look great. The colors and textures of the fruit give you so many options - we always say that they are the paint and your party is the canvas. Create!

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