Corn Casserole Recipe
Baked from Dried Corn

We’ll bet you’ve never had anything like
our Corn Casserole Recipe before...:

If you think that corn is corn - well, it’s just not. There are hundreds of varieties and tastes. The art of drying corn is a specialty in Pennsylvania.

First, that popcorn taste starts to emerge, and then the baking with eggs and cream - oh my. You’ve got to give this a try.

When you want something new that your friends and family go nutty for - this is it!

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If there’s a better corn casserole on the planet, we haven’t found it. We also are not aware of any substitute for John Cope’s products. It’s worth the extra time and trouble - we know you’ll agree!


This recipe will feed 12 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Baked Corn Casserole Recipe Shopping List
for 12 People:

___2 - 7.5 ounce bags of John Cope’s Dried Sweet Corn

___ 10 cups of half and half

___ 1/2 cup melted butter/margarine

___ 1/2 cup light brown sugar

___ 8 eggs

___ 1 tablespoon salt


The Day of the Party:

We’ve modified the package directions for the ”Baked Corn Supreme” - follow those directions for baking in a conventional oven.

John Cope’s dried corn is both toasted and dried. It’s available dry, as we’re featuring it. It also comes canned, packed in water. We’ve used that, and prefer the dry.

Use your food processor (or really good blender) and grind the dried corn to a near powder. This is an important part of the recipe that you shouldn’t skip. Use a blender if you need to, but do it in several batches. Not an easy grind.

Before and after the grind...

Spend some time and beat the eggs separately, very well.

Look for a bit of of foam and a consistent color before adding other ingredients.

Most times you can’t tell the difference between margarine and butter in baking. This isn’t one of those times.

Use butter if you can. It helps in the baking, and we can taste a difference.

Use your favorite bakeware, remembering that you’ll need the equivalent of two 9x13 size pans. We suggest serving this in the dish you baked it, so you’re thinking table presentable as well, straight from the oven pretty much. Don’t try to bake both batches in one pan, unless you’re a pro and have hotel pans and a convection oven. It doesn’t bake right in a home oven if you double it.

Check it at 60 minutes, give it a giggle and check for color. Brush it with a little melted butter if you like.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

Using a nice under-plate, maybe with something festive underneath, makes for a nice presentation - up to you.


This dish will only get better in the fridge for a day or two. It will also freeze nicely. Cover it tightly in film.

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