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Jerry from Tulsa, Oklahoma who asked:

Jerry writes: “We need some new Christmas Party Ideas. Our family of 20 or so comes each year, they love to come to our house, but we keep serving the same old favorites that we do every year. I want to keep it simple. Do you have any ideas for us? Thanks.“

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Jerry - So you wanna get some ‘Ho Ho’ in your ‘Ho Hum’? Np - the elves are here for you!

Check out our Christmas Section on the site:

Christmas Dinner Recipes has several ideas that will work nicely.

Holiday Ham and Paprika Trout are both delicious and easy to prep ahead of time.

Appetizers are still the best gift under your tree. Plan on your family eating 6-8 bites each during the first hour of the party - more if you’ve got the egg nog fired up!

For 30+ more Appetizer Recipes that are easy to make ahead and keep warm or cold, read our Appetizer section and don’t forget our Snacks and Snack Recipes , including Crescent Pizza - which is just fabulous, and cheap!

And how about some Salads ? More and more, people enjoy the quality, color and healthfulness. Tomato,Mozzarella,Basil is colorful and fun!

Here you’ll find dozens of Chocolate Desserts , but check out the Chocolate Ice Cream Dips . This is new, very simple to do ahead and have ready to serve.

We think tradition is good too. Maybe have one recurring dish from year to year - something you do well and enjoy making. Then surround it with new ideas, lots of color and fun. Sound good?

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