Christmas Party Appetizer Recipes?
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Sara from East Orange, NJ who asked:

Sara writes: “I want to have something special this year for my Christmas Party. We will have 30 family and friends for appetizers. My problem is that I just don’t have a lot of time. How can I have a nice party when I’m busy?“

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Sara - We know just what you mean - but when you want the job done right, give it to a busy person to do!

We get a lot done by working ahead, having foods prepared the day before, then having more time at the party.

The recipes and procedures on our site are designed to be made ahead of time, even frozen, and served later. That’s the caterer’s way.

Check out our Christmas Section on the site:

Christmas Dinner Recipes has several ideas that will work nicely. Of them, the Christmas Appetizers is the best place for you to begin your planning. Shrimp Scampi and Holiday Quiche are both easy to make ahead. And really good!

For 30+ more Appetizer Recipes that are easy to make ahead and keep warm or cold, read our Appetizer section and don’t forget our Snacks and Snack Recipes , including Tuna Sashimi - which is very nice, easy to do ahead, and loved!

And how about some Salads ? More and more, people enjoy the quality, color and healthfulness. Salad Nicoise is beautiful, with something for everyone.

Here is one of our most popular specialty appetizers, Lobster Roll Snacks . In New Jersey, you have lots of access to great seafood. This recipe and method adds flair to your party like none other! For taste and that WOW! presentation, try Lobster Roll Snacks .

What makes a Christmas party special? The food, the decorations, the beverages? The excitement? Sure - all of this and more. But the Reason for the season, and, our families and friends - these are the best gifts ever!

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