Christmas Holiday Recipes?
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Francene from Erie, Pennsylvania, who asked:

Francene writes: “Please provide Christmas holiday recipes. Our family is growing and I want to start doing more than we have been.”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Francene - You’ve got a wonderful idea. We suggest that you find a few core recipes that you like very much and repeat them each year. And, also each year, add a few new and different recipes that you think everyone will enjoy. So you keep adding freshness to your traditions.

Check out our Christmas Dinner Recipes on the site:

We’ve got a delicious Bruschetta that is made on crescent roll dough. It’s flavor and texture, with fresh veggies, is very nice.

These Crab Cakes are always a hit, easy to make ahead of time and filled with flavor.

Here are 60+ Appetizers that are easy to make ahead.

We’ve got some great Snacks including the Olive Bread Bowl , which is a delicious and friendly welcomer on your Holiday.

For an elegant yet surprisingly easy dish to prepare, give the Cornish Game Hens a try. What a beautiful way to treat your family!

Traditional by far, our Roast Turkey will be the talk of the table. It’s just delicious and works everytime.

Find dozens of Chocolate Desserts , but check out the

Grand Marnier Fruit Sundaes . They have the taste and elegance for the finest Christmas Dinner.

We wish you all the best as you establish these traditions for your family. So much of the holiday’s joy is around your table - and in the kitchen before and after the meal. Merry Christmas!

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