Christmas Desserts for 75?
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Lorraine from Miles City, Montana who asked:

Lorraine writes: “I hate to bake, I admit it. But we need Christmas Desserts for my daughter’s school function. I’d like just a few different kinds, for 75 people who are mostly children. It’s just has to be easy to do and not to expensive. OK? Thanks”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Lorraine - Hey, we have a baker on staff now - but before that it was never our favorite thing either. We’ll keep it simple with do-ahead recipes that go fast and always work - how’s that?

Check out our Christmas Section on the site:

Christmas Dinner Recipes has several ideas that will work nicely.

These are some very easy Christmas Desserts - and the easiest one is the White Chocolate Cookie Cake - which you can do as a cookie or a cake - simple and great tasting. Use 3/4” dough balls and put 16 on a cookie sheet.

Here you’ll find dozens of Chocolate Desserts , but check out the White Chocolate Smores . This is too good, very simple to have all ready ahead of time. For lots of kids, we’d limit the frosting because it’s a finger-licker for sure.

In our Chocolate Desserts Section, you’ll find the Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe . I wish I could tell you how many of these we’ve made - seems like badillions... Completely simple - makes baking fun doing it this way.

With kid’s school stuff, we’ve learned to make sure the child can eat your dessert in no more than two bites - so you’re thinking half the size of an adult cookie, if that. Also, minimize the chocolate chips - they make a mess, and it makes bedtime a whole lot easier!

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