Christmas Dessert Ideas for 20?
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Eve from Dickinson, North Dakota who asked:

Eve writes: “We need some Christmas dessert ideas. My new in-laws are coming, and I want them to know that I can really cook with the “Wow” factor.“ I’d like something new and delicious, like she hasn’t had before. Any ideas?”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Eve - We’ve got something for you that will prove their boy chose the right gal. OK?

Check out our Christmas Section on the site:

Here is our Chocolate Pecan Pie , one of the three new Christmas Desserts we’ve added just for the season.

This is the Chocolate Eclair Casserole , also in the new Christmas Desserts section. Perfect for kids, and just plain good, the flavors blend into something that few will recognize.

Check out the dozens of we have for you, but give a good look at the Chocolate Fruit Skewers . These are unique, delicious and very cool. We use maple syrup with them, but they can also be marinated in various liqueurs.

If you’re looking for something with that homemade, goodness taste, give White Chocolate Smores a try.

This frosted cookie/cake has all the remembrance of a campfire, and the delicate sweetness of a French Bakery.

We understand exactly what you’re going through - every time we do a job for a client, we are being judged. That may sound a little harsh, but it’s true. Remember that great food relies on presentation, taste and graciousness. Get all three right, or well-attempted, and you’re there.

And too - much of the "Wow" factor has to do with presentation. We've learned this again and again: if our foods don't look great, they won't taste great. Spend time arranging your foods, use garnishes, get the table right, use colorful tables, and step back for a good look more often than not. Remember: "Your Eyes Eat First."

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