Chocolate Sheet Cake Recipe
Caterer's Secrets

Our Chocolate Sheet Cake Recipe shows how
professional Caterers use quality mixes and easy techniques.

Food Service pros need foods that work. We need to work quickly and make sure our products are delicious and repeatable.

We find quality cake mixes that we can tweak with simple ingredients, and we buy in bulk - often 50 pound packs.

So how do you do this at home? Here are some great ideas for you:

Portions and Pan Sizes

Most retail cake mixes sold in grocery stores are designed to fill a 9" x 13" household pan size.
12 cake portions are easy.

Sheet Pan = 18" x 26" which is
    4 - 9" x 13" household pans
A Full Sheet Pan uses a 5 pound cake mix (or 4 retail mixes) and will easily feed 50 people.

Careful - a 18" x 26" Sheet Pan won't fit into most home ovens. They are designed for commercial ovens.

Half Sheet Pan = 18" x 13" which is
    2 - 9" x 13" household pans.
A Half Sheet Pan uses 2 retail cakes mixes and will easily feed 24 people.

You can usually fit 2 Half Sheet Pans in a home oven.

Quality Mixes

For most home use, we like Duncan Hines Products. Moist, consistent, easy to frost, readily available - good way to go.

For Sheet Cakes, we buy 5 pound cakes mixes, easily available at Sam's Club, Costco, etc., and from restaurant supply companies. One 5 pound mix will fill one Full Sheet Pan - convenient, much cheaper - no muss, no fuss. We like that!


We follow the manufacturer's directions, very carefully. It's their product, and they know better than we do. Mixing instructions, time, temperature, add-ins - do as they say.

Sheet Pans are usually 1" high - we never fill them more than 2/3 of the way, because they will spill over when too full.

Want to add some flavor? Use liquid extracts - orange, almond, etc. Usually 1/4 cup of extract will influence one Full Sheet Pan.

Want to add chocolate chips, nuts, candy, etc? Add 1 pound per Full Sheet Pan, 1/2 pound for a Half Pan, and 1/4 pound for a 9" x 13". Add more if you like - just don't overflow the pan...big mess...been there, cleaned that...

TIP: Look for recipes and modifications on the manufacturer's box. We've found some great ideas there.

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