Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe

Have fun decorating this delightful pie!

Our Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe is fun to make and even more fun to eat, party perfect for kids of all ages.

Once in a while we need a procedure we can do quickly, that will turn out fine, and will please our customer. This pudding pie is a favorite at children's parties especially when served with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar.

We often arrange cookies on top of the pie, smaller 1/4 ounce rounds. Kids love sprinkles on top too.

Honestly, professional caterers seldom make pie crust from scratch. Read about how we do it, and how you can save lots of time too:Caterer’s Pie Secrets gives you lots of ideas, especially for larger parties.

Remember that good baking is more like careful chemistry. Measure your ingredients, avoid substitutions, and use ASK-a-CATERER for free party recipes and ideas.

Portions/Servings This recipe will feed 8 people.
Read about Party Food Quantities to plan for more or less.


1 - 9 or 10” graham cracker or Oreo crust, baked crust 1 - pack of chocolate pudding mix, the kind you cook 1-1-/2 cups mini-marshmallows 1 small pack of Cool Whip


Follow the manufacturer’s directions to cook the pudding. After it’s cooked, while still in the sauce pan, add in the marshmallows. Stir until smooth.

Pour the pudding mixture into the crust. Refrigerate overnight.

Time for your artistic touches! Use whipped cream, mini-marshmallows, mini chocolate chip cookies, gummy products, M&Ms - whatever you like.

We slice this carefully with a sharp, thin blade knife that we’ve keep dipping in hot water and whipping clean. The marshmallows will firm the pie and make slicing easier, but you want to do a nice job and have it look great on plates.

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