Chicken Parmesan Recipe

We be serving our Chicken Parmesan Recipe on ziti pasta

We like ziti pasta because of it’s durability - it will hold up nicely for your party, and it tastes great, works well with most foods and sauces. Perfect!

You’ll need a chafing dish, filling the bottom half with the ziti and placing the chicken and sauce on top. This will work for your guests if they’re standing or sitting.

So after the chicken is cooked, we’ll put it right on top of the warm ziti, and serve. In the chafer, the pasta will add a little moisture and wonderful taste to the chicken.

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Portions/Servings This recipe will feed 24 people.
Read about Party Food Quantities to plan for more or less.

Ziti for 24 People

2 pounds of dry Ziti
Olive Oil

Cook the pasta to the box directions, rinse under cold water, transfer to a mixing bowl and toss with some olive, then refrigerate. You can do this the day before the party.


18 boneless, skinless, split chicken breasts halves
Pepper and Garlic Powder


100+/- Pasta Sauce (can be a #10 can)
3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup grated fresh parmesan

1 can chicken stock, if needed

Directions for Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Cut the chicken breasts into 1” pieces (better for a stand up buffet party because it’s easy for your party guests to eat,) or, cut in half (better when your guests can ‘knife and fork it.‘)

The day of your party, place the already cooked ziti in the food pan of your chafing dish. Pour a little boiling water in the pan too, and put the pan into your chafer.

Cover a large baking sheet with aluminum foil. Spray it well with vegetable release. Arrange the pieces of chicken on the sheet with a little space in-between each one, sprinkle with pepper and garlic powder (no salt) and cover with the cheeses. Bake for 25 minutes in a preheated 400° oven. Check a couple of pieces with your thermometer - you’re looking for 165° . When you get to that temp, put the chicken in the chafing dish on top of the warm pasta.

Add stock to thin the sauce if needed as the party progresses. And remember to check the water level under the food in the chafer. If you need to add more, always add boiling water.

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