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Chicken Fingers Appetizer Recipe

Great chicken made easy. And the sauce, way too simple, but just delicious. This chicken fingers recipe is really more of a procedure, perfect for the time-challenged, who want great taste, but just don’t have days of kitchen time. Inexpensive, fast and easy.

Here’s the secret: Buy premade fingers and deep-fry them yourself. The pros don’t sit and bread raw chicken by hand – they buy a good quality, frozen product. You can too. From the frozen selection of pre-breaded chicken fingers, select the right kind for your crowd and use our technique and sauce. We’ll show you the way!


This recipe will feed 50 people as an appetizer, if you are you are serving at least 1 other appetizer.

TIP: Based on your crowd, time of your party, and more, this appetizer might really go. Younger “bar crowds” just love it. So you might want to consider increasing these quantities. We portion 3 fingers per person. And remember, they will freeze very well, if you have leftovers.

Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan the right amounts.

Chicken Fingers Recipe Shopping List for 50 People:

___10+ pounds of pre-made, frozen breaded chicken fingers, approximately 1 ounce each, or 16 to the pound. We like Tyson, but that’s just us. There are lots of flavor profiles in these breaded products too; we like “original” or plain for parties, because that works best for most people’s tastes.

___1 quart of oil for frying

___2/3 heads of romaine lettuce, if you are passing this appetizer, or, 2/3 heads of parsley, or orange, if you are serving it in a chafing dish.


You'll need a great sauce to pull this off. Adding honey will only help you - and we've always liked Jim Beam products.

Everyone has their favorite style and heat preference. We suggest that you provide a sweeter, mild sauce and keep a bottle of hot sauce on the side - they'll know what to do.

___32 ounces of pre-made barbeque sauce, your favorite

___12 ounces of honey, any kind

___1 small bottle of hot sauce


The Sauce:

Mix together the bottles of barbeque sauce and honey. No need to refrigerate, if you are going to serve within a few hours. Cover and set aside.

Frying the Chicken Fingers:

If you are going to be doing a lot of frying in your home, you might want to buy a small deep-fryer. Often inexpensive, these cookers automatically go to the proper temperature and usually do a great job. We suggest a Presto “Fry-Daddy” for most home kitchens.

The chicken is often fully cooked when you buy it. Read the package instructions to see their best recommendations. Usually, they want you to keep the chicken frozen until ready for frying. Follow their instructions and time for proper frying, and remember that all poultry is fully cooked when the internal temperature is 165^f.

Only the Thermometer knows. Check out Party Recipe and Ideas section on Food Thermometers and Food Safety.

Notice the very light coating, which our quests always like. But you can get fingers that are more breaded if you want. There are many flavors and styles to choose from.

When frying - be careful. Follow the package instructions for oil temperature, which is usually 325-375^f. Use a pan/pot that will have enough oil to fry, but not more than half full with oil. Always use metal tongs to handle the chicken. Don’t splash the chicken into the oil, instead hold the chicken with tongs just above the oil surface and let it gently fall. Use a glove or potholder, never a towel.

Drain the chicken on paper towels, arrange on servers platters or your buffet table and serve right away. The sauce can be served at room temperature, put into bowls for passing or your buffet, as is. Or, you can warm it up in the microwave. Your choice.

Fry more chicken as needed, keeping the rest in the refrigerator/freezer until ready to fry.

Thinking Healthy? The fingers will also work if you bake them.

TIP: For a bit of both fry and bake, lay out the frozen fingers on a baking sheet, and then spray the fingers with oil, like Pam, etc.

Cut the cooked fingers in half, some cross-wise, some length-wise. Modifying their uniform shape makes them look a little nicer, and makes them easier to eat.

Also, scrape the breading from a few. Some of your guests will like the chicken without the breading. This also helps to make them look more "natural."

Here are the fingers served in the disposable aluminum pans that fit right into the chafing dishes.

Don't forget to keep the pans covered with foil. Or, if you're serving them to guests as they come and go, cover them with film - looks a little nicer and guests can see what's there.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

If you are passing this appetizer to your guests, spread the romaine leaves over two or three serving platters with bowls placed on each one for your barbeque sauce. Have the bottle of hot sauce offered and available to your guests in the dining room.

If serving on a buffet, we suggest using a chafing dish. This way you can keep the chicken warm.

Food Warmers and Chafing Dishes. Lots of ideas here about how to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

When using the chafing dish, it's easier to rely on fresh parsley for a garnish. If you are passing this dish, use serving platters with romaine lettuce leaves as a base for the chicken fingers.


The parsley or romaine lettuce and bright red sauce against the golden brown of the fried chicken is perfect. We leave it at that.


If you have frozen, unfried wings leftover, that’s perfect and the best way to store them. Keep them frozen in the same store bags. Quickly refrigerate any leftover fingers that were fried, careful to reheat them completely, when being served again.

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