Cheese Dip Recipe

Wait to you see how easy our Cheese Dip Recipe really is...

Partners through and through - Cheese and Party. They just go together! And it doesn't have to be fancy, expensive cheeses from the old country. These fun, fast easy cheese sauces and dips can be inexpensive with great taste.

If you're serving alcohol at your party, be sure to have several higher fat foods near the bar, like dips, cheeses and fatty foods (like chicken wings, etc.) They slow down the absorption of alcohol.

When we started this site, we thought: ‘some of our recipes are so easy, so simple - it’s embarrassing to share them.’ This is one of them. But it’s amazing, and everyone wants to know the secret. Well, here it is:

Four ingredients, one mixer. Read below:

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Portions/Servings This recipe will feed 24 people.
Read about Party Food Quantities to plan for more or less.


Equal parts of Cheese Whiz, salad dressing,
     and sour cream - yeah, that’s it -
     and some veggie soup mix.


OK, we’re ashamed - kinda.

But everybody loves it! They beg for more and they want to know how we do it... So we come up with something like, ‘old family recipe,’ or ‘it’s proprietary’ - something like that.

Oh man...

So for 24 people, we’d use like 1.5 cups of each, and a couple tablespoons of dry mix. For large parties, do like we do and get the cheese sauce in the large, #10 cans (Sam’s Club and others have them.)

Depending on the menu, we’ll put a few drops of hot sauce in the cheese sauce.

So there - enjoy! Everything tastes great with it.

Go figure.

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