Cheap Recipes, Delicious Party Food Ideas

Party on pennies with food you'll be proud of.

Cheap recipes start a frugal party - but you still want great food that your guests will love, and food that is easy to make ahead of time - just like all the other ideas we have for you. Right?

So here are inexpensive recipes that are fast, easy to make and taste great.

Our Orange Chicken is inexpensive, easy, fast and truly good. What could be better?

And "Cheap" doesn't mean lousy. Many wonderful foods are not expensive at all. We'll help you make some great choices!

Presentation says so much. "Your Eyes Eat First" is a phrase you'll see a lot on our site. Spend some time and get that food to look as great as it tastes. Use some garnish, a nice platter/dish, a carefully placed napkin - little things make the difference.

Crescent Pizza is inexpensive, easy and fun to make
the day before - and then so good!


Crescent Pizza. Get these made the day (or two) before, not pricey and too good!

Our Olive Bread Bowl is an elegant inexpensive recipe
sure to please your budget and your guests!


Olive Bread Bowl. Easy to make ahead.

The math doesn’t lie. Caesar Salad is way up on the wonderful,
and too low on the cost.


Caesar Salad. Prep ahead and mix it after most people have arrived.

This delicious BBQ chicken is party friendly for two reasons:
it’s easy to eat, and, it won’t break your bank.


BBQ Chicken, boneless, easy to eat party-style. We’d make sure to have a couple different hot sauces around.

Comfort food is all the rage. Everyone loves this veggie,
a cheap recipe sure to please.


Garlic Mashed Potatoes are basic comfort food with a garlic twist everyone loves.

Cheap meets cool.
These ice cream treats are yum and fun!


Chocolate Ice Cream Dips are way good for so little cost.

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