Catering By Me!? - Take Catering 101

...I can’t believe I’m thinking about doing this...

With Party Recipes and Ideas, you’re not alone! We’re right here, with lots of dos and don’ts. Like the man said, “Yes We Can!!”

You know that catering your own event means big savings, like 75% big! But catering ‘champagne style’ in a ‘beer style’ kitchen needs solid recipes methods.

REALLY good German Potato Salad for Catering 101, with shopping
lists, large size recipes and step-by-step photo instructions.

Follow our five links below to see how pro caterers
do what they do. Read each one carefully,
then use Ask-a-Caterer to get answers
for your specific entertaining food questions.

  • 1. How to Save 75% by Doing My Own Catering tells all. Professional caterers charge at least $30-40/per person for a very simple dinner - $100+ for something cool. Bar is extra. In fact, lots of things are extra. Do it yourself and save, save, save.

  • 2. Renting Your Gear and Equipment might be the way to go, especially for a large gig. Check out what you'll need, what to buy and what makes sense to rent.

  • 3. Getting Help in the Kitchen guides you through the number of helpers you’ll need and what their jobs will be. And sometimes you need more talent from someone with catering experience - how to know and how to find them. Can't do it alone...!

  • 4. Transportation. Here’s some ideas about how to get your food from here to there in one piece. (We promise not to tell you our “wedding cake, fast van and way sharp corner story…”)

  • 5. Food Safety. Can't be too safe, especially with food. We take you to simple, common sense solutions that keep your guests food-safe.

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