Caesar Salad Recipe for a Great Party

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Caesar Salad (or is it Ceasar...?)

Good enough for Caesar himself!, (although we’re pretty sure it was actually invented by man with the same name, in a Mexican restaurant, in 1924…) …Sorry Julius…

Follow our method to prepare as much of this as you can ahead of time.

We know this method for Caesar Salad Recipe will work just great for you. Careful not to finish combining all the ingredients until just before your guests arrive.

There’s a reason that fine restaurants still make this at tableside – Freshness is everything.

Not expensive, Caesar Salad remains a hit that people really enjoy. Yes, it pretty’s up your buffet table, but it also had wonderful taste.

Portions/Servings fo Caesar Salad Recipe:

This recipe will feed 50 people, if you are you are serving entrees and/or appetizers. Remember that your guests are going to eat a little over a pound of food per person for dinner. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Shopping List for 50 People:

___3 - 12-ounce packages of romaine hearts, pre-washed. These are often sold as a 3-pack with romaine lettuce ready to eat.

___3 pounds fresh mushrooms

___½ pound parmesan cheese

___16-ounce bottle of mayonnaise

___1 Lemon

___Few drops of Worcestershire sauce

___8-ounce bottle of olive oil

___1 – large fresh garlic ball or ___1 - 8-ounce bottle of chopped garlic

___1 – 16-ounce carton of liquid eggs (probably frozen) – we use these kinds of eggs because they are pasteurized, which are normal eggs are not.

___Salt, pepper

___1 loaf French bread

___1 pound butter

___1 small bottle of garlic powder

___1 disposable aluminum pan 12 ¾” x 20” x 2 ½”

___1 bag of ice

Procedure for Caesar Salad Recipe:

One Day Before the Party:

The Croutons:

Cut or tear the French bread into bite size pieces. Spread them out onto a large cookie sheet that you have covered with aluminum foil and sprayed with vegetable oil spray.

Preheat the oven to 450°F. Melt the butter in a saucepan and pour it around and over the bread. Generously cover the bread with garlic powder. Shake on salt and pepper, much more than you usually would. Stir the bread and butter around on the sheet, careful not to tear the aluminum foil. Use a second cookie sheet if you got a large loaf of bread.

Put the bread into the hot oven, and set a timer for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes pass, remove the sheet from the oven and stir the bread around on the sheet, trying to turn the pieces and absorb remaining butter and spices. Return to the oven for another minute or two, checking frequently to make sure it doesn’t burn. (The actual time varies based on the bread you’re using – watch for the change in color.)

Remove the croutons when they are just browned, not more. Allow them to cool, place in zip lock bags and store at room temperature.

Caesar Salad Dressing

In a blender bowl combine the mayonnaise, the juice of one lemon, a few drops of Worcestershire sauce, the olive oil, half the parmesan cheese, 1 tablespoon of salt and two teaspoons of pepper, and the jar of chopped garlic or three/ four cloves of fresh garlic. Blend all of this until it’s smooth. Add in the liquid eggs and give a quick spin or two.

NOTE: if you don’t have a blender, use a wire whip and a large pitcher; beat these ingredients until the oil is absorbed into mayonnaise. Chop up the fresh garlic into small pieces and stir it in. If you blend this by hand, it may take a while.

TIP: The oil will separate from the ingredients. Keep the dressing stored in a pitcher with the whip in the fridge, covering over the top with the piece of film. OR, keep the dressing in the blender bowl, in the refrigerator, and give it a quick whirl before serving.

Keep the Dressing refrigerated overnight.

On the Day of the Party:

IMPORTANT TIP: It’s hard to say how many people have enjoyed our Caesar Salad Recipe, but it’s at least 10,000. One thing we learned over the years – you cannot assemble this salad ahead of the time! If you do, the croutons get all soggy, the dressing separates and the lettuce goes bye-bye. So learn from our mistakes and just don’t do that. Time your final salad assembly very carefully to your first guests’ arrival at your buffet table.

Wash the mushrooms clean with water. Slice them into 1/8” slices, zip lock and refrigerate.

Break or cut the romaine lettuce into bite-size pieces and carefully fill the disposable aluminum pan. Open the zip-lock bag with mushrooms and put them over the lettuce. Toss mushrooms and lettuce with your clean hands. Cover the lettuce and mushrooms with film and refrigerate.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

TIP: Don’t add the dressing until just before your guests arrive.

Remove the lettuce and mushrooms from the refrigerator. Also get the pitcher of Caesar salad dressing, uncover and whip with the wire whip until the oil and mayonnaise are blended and smooth – or put the blender bowl on the base and blend for a bit. Immediately pour the half of the dressing over the romaine lettuce and mushrooms.

NOTE: How much dressing should you put on your salad? This depends on how much lettuce you used, which can easily change from package to package. Our Caesar Salad recipe should give you a little extra, so you might want to hold some back and see how the salad looks.

Put in about 2/3 of your croutons, 2/3 of the remaining parmesan cheese and more dressing as needed. Toss the entire salad together with your clean hands. Cover the salad with the remaining croutons; cover the croutons and salad with the remaining parmesan cheese.

TIP: The process described above, the final assembly of Caesar Salad should take no more than 90 seconds, total.

Having timed this carefully, take the Caesar Salad to the chilled chafing dish just as your guests begin to arrive at the buffet table. Look here to see how we use a food warmer to keep a salad chilled for hours.


As a leftover, this Caesar Salad Recipe (like most) has a very limited life. Refrigerate it and enjoy it for a few more hours, if that.

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