Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

How much buffalo is in the Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe?

And/or: What is a buffalo chicken? Oh boy... You should see our mail!

Anyway - we usually put this totally fun dip near the bar - so good! We serve it warm in a chafing dish to hold the hot dip surrounded by breads, crackers, and some cut up veggies. Make it ahead of time, and see our embarrassingly simple way to do it.

The heat and the cool work so well in this dip. You control the burn by adding more cheese - or you can add a little sour cream to tone it down, if you need to. We will also add some cream cheese if it's being served outside on a warm day - the cream cheese helps to hold it together.

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Portions/Servings This recipe will feed 24 people.
Read about Party Food Quantities to plan for more or less.


10 ounces of cooked, chopped, boneless chicken,
    can be fresh, frozen or canned
1 - 18oz+/- can of cream of chicken soup
1 envelope Ranch Dressing mix
1 cup of milk
1 cup of hot sauce
2 cups of American Cheese


Combine the ingredients, mixing very well. Transfer the dip to a smaller bowl, cover tightly with film, and refrigerate overnight.

The day of your party, microwave until it is warm throughout. Transfer to your chafing dish , and serve.

Thin it out with some boiling water, if need. Garnish with buffalo (just kidding...) We like to garnish with chopped tomato - nice and colorful, and we keep a bottle of hot sauce nearby.

We have served this with our Drummette Chicken Wings - a great dip/sauce for the drummettes (which are easy to dip and eat.) Really good choice for a stand-up buffet party.

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