Birthday Party Food For Kids
15 ages 1-6, and 50 Adults?
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Jessica from Boston, MA, who asked:

Jessica writes: “Hi - I’m planning for my 2 year old boy. I’m having 50 adults and 15 kids (ages 1-6).

I’m planning on doing a buffet and would like to know some ideas and amounts. Thank You.”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hi Jessica,

Congrats to you and your boy!!  Our youngest will be two in December, so I'll be following my own advice pretty soon!

As you already know, planning is tough for this one because you're really doing two parties at the same time - one for kids and one for adults.  For this reason, and lots of others, we like to have as much done ahead of time as possible.  After all - you want to enjoy the party too, right?

Start with our Kids Birthday Section Birthday Party Food For Kids which has seven tested kid's meals that are sure to please. Any kids party food needs to be easy to eat, not too messy (we're thinking 'carpet' here, good tasting, and safe. "Safe" is probably the big one. 

Cheesy Dogs Cheesy Dogs for Kids - with our secret - is the stand out favorite. It's our most popular kid food, with many options and a safety factor build in. And there are others to choose from too.

Then for adults, go to Menu Planning and choose from eight Menu Styles.  This will lead you through 50+ pages of complete, photographed, step by step recipes with shopping lists - all for free.  

You can use any of the recipes as they stand, or get some ideas and go out on your own.  The quantities will help you plan, because the recipes are written for 50 people. The step by step is great.

But the best thing is - nearly all of the recipes are designed to be made the day before.  And there are lots of serving ideas about how to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold: Food Warmers that work both hot and cold. Do as much as you can ahead - because you don't want to miss a thing!

We're your neighbors in New Hampshire.  Go Sox!  Have a wonderful party!!

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